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Oh happy day! The official announcement ending the WGA strike is imminent, and I'm in the bestest mood to answer your TV Q's. Let's get to it!

Laura in West Sacramento, California: How good was the FNL finale on Friday? Please, please, we have to save this show!
We couldn't agree more. Now go spread the word to your friends! Get them to buy the first-season DVD and to watch episodes on nbc.com. It is not too late!  

Scarlett in Chicago: Have they started filming America's Next Top Model yet? Is it any good?
And how! They've actually already wrapped production on the 10th "cycle" (ew, sorry, that word still sounds menstrual), er, season. Spies tell me the new season is über-juicy because, according to someone who works on the show, "Let's just say they're casting the girls more for their drama than their looks." Meow! I've seen those huge billboards and I have to say, I'd love to see who they turned down (Gisele?! Heidi Klum?!). Still, it is more dramatic than ever. In the premiere (mild spoiler alert!), Tyra makes the ladies go to prep school, and in the first round alone there's a screaming match, an almost catfight and a whole slew of haters tryin' to take down a returning player. Oh, and did I mention one of the wannabes is Muhammad Ali's niece? Also, look for new judge Paulina Porizkova to provide far more bite than meek Miss Twiggy did...As Tyra would say, she's fierce.  

Melanie in Decatur, Georgia: Thank you for all your hard work over the weekend to bring us strike updates! I loved all the info. Still, I'm wondering, what's the deal with Bionic Woman? Think it'll come back now that the strike's ending?
First, I have to give a big, fat shout-out to my cohort in crime Jennifer Godwin, who is without gluteus maximus muscles today because she worked them all off over the weekend, tirelessly hunting down show runners and sources and such for our strike coverage. I lurve her. As for Bionic, well, she's not looking quite so butt-kicky these days. Although show runner Jason Katims says this of the show's fate, "All I know is there were talks right before the strike started about continuing Bionic," sadly, according to multiple Peacock net sources, Bionic has already gone bye-bye for good. But fans should know that volume one of the series comes out on DVD Mar. 18. 

Matthew in Boise, Idaho: Do you have any dish on One Tree Hill? Is that bitch nanny gonna get hers?

Michaela McManus

The CW

Do I?! First of all, Nathan Scott himself (James Lafferty) will be here in the flesh this week to appear as our very special guest in the next Watch with Kristin Show. So, please email any questions you have for him to tvdiva@eonline.com. As for scoop, read on to the Spoiler domain, 'kay? And...oh! One more thing. Guess who handed me back my membership card a few days ago in the gym right here in the E! building? Lucas' Lindsey! Yes, Michaela McManus is currently working the desk and looking just as flawless and acting just as sweet as she is onscreen. Just another sign it was high time for this strike bidness to end, right? She says she's "hoping" to go back East for more eps. 

Thomas in New Orleans: I'm almost embarrassed to ask this question, but do you know anything about The Bachelor? Is it coming back? There's so little to watch right now, and my wife watches that show.
Ah, yes, Thomas. Tell your "wife" (wink-wink) they are producing a new season right now with another smarmy dude (not half as cute as the last one, from what I hear) and 25 bimbettes—whee! And here's the greatest part: Sources say all the rose ceremonies will be held from midnight to 5 a.m. this year, in the sincere and totally shady hopes of making the girls cry more. Yay! I hope they employ the same torturous water-boarding tactics on the guys for the following season, which will be Bachelorette: DeAnna's Revenge.

Heroes: Zachary Quinto

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Helen in Rhode Island: Any word on Heroes?
First, check out our monstrous Strikewatch item, if you haven't. I'm hearing that when Heroes does return (next season), we'll get back to the season-one characters everyone loved, but they're also still planning on doing the big Villains arc, and the superpowers of those villains are supposedly all kinds of awesome.

Josh in Santa Barbara, California: I need some Jericho juice!
Check into the Spoiler section for some Jericho goodies, but you could get your own Jericho jollies this weekend down here in Los Angeles, because the Jericho cast and producers are doing a panel at the L.A. Comic Book Convention on Sunday. To top it all off, they'll be airing an all-new Jericho just for y'all!

Penny in Cherry Hill, New Jersey: Sorry to be a pain, but do you know when we can expect to hear about Moonlight?
Sorry, we are digging and will alert you as soon as we find out!

Jennifer in Syracuse, New York: Thank you, thank you, thank you for the extra Geoff Stults clip! Did you ask him if Sam is Eddie's kid, since we now know he slept with Hannah? 
Yep. "First of all," Geoff (Eddie Latekka) says, "I'd like to say that [sleeping with Hannah] was not my fault. It's Hannah's fault. She is a temptress, and she took advantage of me." Um, well, ladies, who could blame her, right? Geoff also said he has a pretty good idea of who Sam's dad is and that both he and Bryan Greenberg were in the room when they were casting the kid who plays Sam.
Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Marcia in London: I cannot stand that new nanny on One Tree Hill! Tell me she's not sticking around.
Wish I could, 'cause I also want to pull her hair and call her names. But she's around for a good long while and wreaks much havoc on Nathan and Haley. To be honest, at this point, it doesn't even look like they may make it, in the end. (Group hug?! I know, it's awful, and I have much to ask James when he gets here this week.) In other couples news, there is a huge kiss in the next episode that you all will be talking about and arguing about and crying about...so be ready!

Shannon in Columbus, Ohio: Any OTH 411?
Only because URAQT. I'm hearing Rachel is back! And she is so not what you'd expect, and she's so not okay. Tim also comes back for a cameo that is hilarious. And I also hear one of the main characters nearly dies in an accident. Break out the Kleenex!

Veronika in Warsaw, Poland: Anything on episode six of Lost? I'm dying to know at least a little tidbit here and there.
The flashback features a look at Juliet's history on the Island, including her reaction to the death of her lovah Goodwin at the hands of Ana-Lucia. I truly cannot wait to see Elizabeth Mitchell in action again.

Rebecca Mader


Malena in Providence, Rhode Island: What exactly do the Lost boaties want from Ben? Is he an enemy or a curiosity?
It won't be clear for some time to come. According to Rebecca Mader, who plays Charlotte and is totally lovable in every way, "I really don't know what we know about Ben, and I don't even know what we know about the Island, so I just had to play Charlotte that way. [Laughs.] I really didn't know what the f--k I was doing!"

Peter in San Antonio, Texas: Do you know anything more about Miles' powers?
I don't know about Miles specifically, but I have heard from two different sources that in an upcoming episode the boat folks appear to test each other for psychic powers. Hmmm...

Justin in Escondido, California: Crazy rumor alert: Is it true Ali and Sark are related on Heroes?
If by Ali you mean Niki/Jessica and by Sark you mean Adam, then yeah, that's certainly what I'm hearing!

Friday Night Lights

Bill Records/NBC

Vanessa in Atlanta: OMG, Jason Street's having a baby?!
Sure is! (Nice to know all parts are in working order for the guy, no?!) Friday Night Lights EP Jason Katims said they liked last year's pregnancy story with Connie, so they thought they'd go to that well once again. Though, this time, in a very different way, obviously. Fingers crossed, they'll have a chance to finish that arc.

Kara in Upper Arlington, Ohio: I'm glad Tyra and Landry ended up together, but I do feel a little sorry for that other girl, Jean.
Jesse Plemons (Landry) dishes this on his onscreen pick: “It was almost as if God created that girl [Jean] for Landry, they were so much alike. But in the end, there's something that him and Tyra share that no girl could really replace. He's just too hung up on her.” Awww! And it doesn't hurt that she looks 20 different kinds of hot in those volleyball shorts, right, fellas? Anyhoo, I'm hearing Tandry (Gawd, conjoined couple names are annoying, are they not?) will be sticking together for a good while.

Brian in White Plains, New York: I was a Gilmore guy and now I'm a Friday Night Lights fan, so it's been cool to see Logan Huntzberger (Matt Czuchry) on the show.
Here's something even cooler. According to Minka Kelly, Czuchry was a die-hard FNL fan before getting cast on the show. Who knew I could love him even more?

Frederica in Pittsburgh: Will there ever be a Cameron-centric episode of Terminator?
According to Summer Glau, "There's an episode that’s happening maybe in a few weeks where you really get to see how Cameron's brain works. It's just very interesting how you see more than ever she's a robot. And it's kind of a mystery why Cameron's really there...Her past is a mystery, and so is her future. The truth about why she's there will only come out in time, I think, but I can say that this episode about how her brain works is one of my favorites."

Ian in San Diego: Jericho returns tomorrow. Any scoop?
According to exec producer Carol Barbee, this season on Jericho, "An extremely significant character will take an action that will change [that person] forever, and it’s someone who is very important to the show. There are huge turns."


Cliff Lipson/CBS

Powell in Chicago: Any info on Jericho's second season?
According to producer Dan Shotz, "The first season was very much a 'What if?' scenario. It was about survival, about getting food and resources and fighting our neighbors who want what we have. At the end of the first season, the government came in, and they will really help us restore who we are, but obviously that comes with a price. [The postbomb government] rebuilds in a very different way. And this season is about how our people face that government."

Kathy in Seabrook, New Jersey: I love Janet and Eddie on October Road. Think it will last?
Well, I asked Geoff Stults if he likes Eddie as a one-woman man or whether the old dawg in him comes out, and he laughed: "That's the easiest question I've ever heard! Variety is the spice of life!" He also told me that sometime in the next four episodes, there will be an opportunity for Eddie to stray. (I'm thinking Stacy Keibler's guest spot might have something to do with that.) But it is possible Mr. Latekka will stay strong and faithful to Janet. Geoff said he really enjoys working with Rebecca Field, who plays J, but if, say, a set of twins comes along in Knight's Ridge, he's cool with that, too.

Linds in Livonia, Michigan: Um, can you please tell me more about Eddie Latekka getting naked on O. Road?
Sure. Seems the circumstances arise when Pizza Girl asks Physical Phil to be her nude model for an art class. At first he refuses, but when she gets a hot football player to volunteer instead, he reconsiders. And once Phil gets a glimpse of nude life, he can't get enough of it. Apparently, the only way Eddie can get him to stop walking around their house naked is to give P.P. a taste of his own medicine...

Robert Buckley in Lipstick jungle

Nicole Rivelli/NBC

Pam in Dresher, Pennsylvania: All right, new hot-guy alert! You were so right about Kirby on Lipstick Jungle. Yum!
Did you doubt me for a second? And Robert Buckley, who plays the delectable Kirby, promises more hot and steamy love scenes with Kim Raver, saying recently, “It gets a little risqué.”  Their affair also gets more, um...scandalous and, well, public. Gaaah! Something tells me Kim's onscreen hubby isn't gonna like it.

Molly in Brooklyn, New York: Okay, so I watched Lipstick Jungle. Better than Cashmere Mafia, but I am not sure if it's DVR worthy yet.
You can make a more informed decision after next week’s ep, when a certain Sopranos lady guest stars. Lorraine Bracco (whom you might remember as Dr. Melfi) spars with Brooke Shields and the Andrew McCarthy/Lindsay Price storyline gets more interesting. Though, personally, I still want to kick his character in the crotch. You?

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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