WGA Strike Signs

AP Photo/Nick Ut

Okay, I'll be the first to tell you I might be a moron for even reporting this, but the rumors are flying so fast and thick that I thought you guys would want to know...

According to crazy Internet people, friends of friends and people who heard things from their agent's manicurist's boyfriends who supposedly work for the union, the strike might be almost over. Informal talks resumed last week after the DGA-AMPTP handshake deal, and big cheeses from both sides broke bread this weekend. By Saturday, I was hearing, "It'll be over this week."

That sounded promising, so I chatted up a few big-deal executive producers and union types yesterday at the SAG Awards—and heard everything from "It's looking good" to "We have a lot of work left to do."

So, same as usual, but early this afternoon the rumor storm seemed to kick into high gear, with emails scurrying around saying the deal should come down very soon—i.e., late today or tomorrow.

And yet, another source inside the WGA negotiation inner circle just told me: "That's just a rumor [that the strike is ending]. We just sent an email today about the picket lines resuming."

Gaaah! So, where does that leave us? I haven't a clue...but join me in a virtual prayer circle, won't you? Or at least take our poll and post in the Comments—tell us what you think about the chances of a swift and peaceful resolution to the big S! If you're feeling lucky, lay down a fiver. I'm putting a 10 spot on "within the next week."

Strike Out? Place Your Bets...
The strike will end...
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