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Tubers, this is it. It's the last chat I personally will be doing until I return from my hiatusmoon (honeymoon + hiatus) next month. Wahhh...hoo? I’m not sure whether to weep or cheer, 'cause as much as I’m going to enjoy every minute of my impending R&R, I’ll miss you guys! Still, I leave you in good hands with my partners in crime, Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin, who’ll be running this section after I leave Friday. In the meantime, you’ve got Q’s and I’ve got bride brain, which means I’m loopy enough to answer anything—whee!

Amanda in Ann Arbor, Michigan: What happened with Merrin Dungey on Private Practice? I heard the role has been recast. I was so excited Francie was going to be on TV again!
You and me both, babe. Sources close to ABC tell me the higher-ups felt she "didn’t pop" onscreen, which is why she was replaced with Audra McDonald. But I thought her interaction with Kate Walsh was the only shining beacon of nonsexual chemistry on that show! We all know Kate popped with Tim Daly and Chris Lowell, but I loved the friendship scenes between her and Merrin (which smacked of Sydney and Francie on Alias). Regardless, I’m sure Merrin is doing just fine being a blissful newlywed and all (and married to a gorgeous and sweet man, no less). So don’t cry for her, Amandatina.

Alice in Los Angeles: Any dish on the new season of Top Model? It's my favorite show. Does that make me a bad person?

It makes you a saint! I can tell you that the new crop of girls are drop-dead gorg, so it seems the show is casting once again moreso on looks than on drama-inducing personalities. (Did that sound as catty as I think it did? Sorry.) I know this because the entire cast of chicas bonitas went to a new sushi hot spot in L.A. called Hokusai on Saturday night, and all the waiters and busboys were fighting to serve them while three managers and executive chef Koji fawned all over them. See! Told ya they’re all superpurty. Also, the models actually—hope you’re sitting down for this—ate! I know. Shocking.

Amy in Denver: I can't believe they let Jessi go last week on So You Think You Can Dance. I loved her! Do you think it was because of her heart problem?
I do. Sources tell me the dancers are supposed to tell the producers of any preexisting medical conditions during the audition process. It is not known whether Jessi knew of her heart problem before she was cast on the show, but it only makes sense to me that producers would not want to put themselves in any kind of legal jeopardy. By the way, what did you think of the "Kamcey" coupling reveal in this week’s Vine show? They’re a pretty cute couple, are they not?!

Vera in Boise, Idaho: Can you show me any embarrassing pictures of other people or you?
Could I ever! My supersecret dossier of naked TV star pictures is famous around here.

Hannah in Arlington, Virginia: I loved the Burn Notice pilot. What's the word on the series? How many shows will air?
There are 13 episodes total this season and the ratings are very solid, so things look good! I nudged creator Matt Nix for dish, and he told me, "One thing we end up explaining a lot of is the relationship between Sam (Bruce Campbell) and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), who don't meet each other in the pilot but who establish this I-don't-like-your-nutso-girlfriend/I-don't-like-your-FBI-informing-best-friend relationship." Tune into the section tomorrow for more from Matt about Burn Notice!

Shalee in Marshalltown, Iowa: Out of curiosity, why is Bones having a 28-episode season? I've never heard of a show going that long in one season.
Same reason Heroes is shooting 24 episodes plus six Heroes: Origins episodes. Viewers are revolting against reruns, so networks are squeezing as many original first-run episodes as they can out of existing hits.

Sarah in Indianapolis, Indiana: I haven't heard many updates on Jenna Fischer's condition after falling down a flight of stairs. Do you know how she is doing?
She's up and running—or at least up and hobbling! I read her blog postings about the current state of her health and well-being, and it made me love her even more.

Jamie in Norristown, Pennsylvania: I love you and want to steal your job! Just kidding. Kinda. My question is whether you think it is weird I named my cat Hiro Nakamura? Also, is it weird I want to get a picture of him with a butter knife on his back?
It's only weird if you don't send me a copy of that picture for my collection of naked TV stars—and their costumed pets!

Mike in Manhattan Beach, California: In your post a while back about the endpoint of Lost being reached, you said we would understand why there could only be 48 more episodes after seeing the season finale. But I still don't get it! Can you elaborate in any way?
That is something which came directly from Damon Lindelof while discussing the reasoning for setting an end date for the series. As you now know, the third-season finale showed that the Losties get off the island, and that they do so not too far out in the future (Jack and Kate didn’t look much older), so there is most certainly an endpoint to the story, unlike a show such as ER or Law & Order.

Sean Patrick in Marion, Indiana: Please tell me if Heroes features the character Zach in the new season. I really liked him because he kind of took care of Claire, and he was my favorite character without superpowers besides Ando. Also, is there any chance on anything on Lost? I swear, I'll take anything, even if it's a lie.
From what I hear, Zach won’t be back on Heroes. Claire's moving to L.A. and getting a new guy, and Thomas Dekker (Zach) is going to be playing John Connor in the new show The Sarah Connor Chronicles, so he'll be otherwise occupied. As for season four on Lost, Jin does more tae kwon do, Locke kills an ark full of animals, Michael returns to the island on a magical jellyfish and baby Aaron gets telepathic tips from Jacob on how to spring his ma from Island Crapsylvania. I'm lying, but who knows, my crazy fiancé told Damon Lindelof he should bring a Brazilian to the show and he did it, so maybe if you say things they come true on this show! I’ve also heard Sawyer and I have a torrid affair.

Katy in Lodi, California: I'm wondering if you've heard anything about Standoff. Has it been canceled, or has Fox not made a decision yet?
Sigh. Standoff is for all intents and purposes very, very canceled, but the network has been reluctant to call it "dead." Actually, all y'all have to read this L.A. Times article: "TV Cancellation Hidden in a Cloud of Euphemism." If you're a devoted TV fan, it's like a magic decoder ring for network doublespeak—it should also seriously help your ranking in Brilliant but Canceled's DeathWatch game.

Jazznwu in Oregon: In case you missed it, a thread was started to give you encouragement and well wishes, so if you have time, many of us have written personal messages to you:
Thanks so much, you guys. That honestly made my day.

From Ginger: When can we expect the Tater Tops nominations?
Breaking news! I will be beamed in via satellite sometime during my hiatusmoon to deliver the Tater Top Awards nominations! I’m not going to tell you when, because I think it will be a fun surprise, and also because I am evil. Mwah-ha-ha-ha. In the meantime, we’ll be finalizing the list of Tater noms in the coming week, so if you have any more favorite actors or shows to nominate, send 'em to Happy Tatering!


Francisco: Will George and Callie be together next season on Grey's Anatomy?
That is the question! I'm hearing this is proving quite a difficult puzzle for Shonda Rhimes, who is fully aware of the fan backlash over last season's George and Izzie (Katherine Heigl) hookup and has been doing quite a few rewrites. I'm also told that in real life, T.R. Knight is secretly pulling for a hookup with Izzie, just because he's insanely close friends with her and they get along so well, which makes perfect sense since I love T.R., and Katherine played me in a movie. Anyway, since Shonda's having a hard time deciding, should we weigh in below with our votes for whom George should be with? Fire away!

Martin: Any scoop on Lost?
I'm hearing they're going to cast at least one newbie for next season. And I am still patiently standing by to see whether Harold Perrineau (Michael) sealed the deal for his return (pssst...H.P., call me!).

Francis: You never talk about CSI: Miami. Dish!
Yessir! Horatio has a 16-year-old son, and we meet him in the upcoming season. His arrival creates quite a bit of conflict, since he's not exactly the model teenager every daddy hopes for.

Tomasina: Will Lana be coming back to Smallville?
Jury's still out. Sources tell me her agents are negotiating.

Randallee: I am obsessed with The Closer! Give me something good!
We'll find out later this season that Chief Pope has something to hide in his private life. Unfortunately for him, a violent crime will make it public.

Ruby in Knoxville, Tennessee: What's coming up on Entourage?
Gary Busey is back. (Yay!) And Vince's money problems ain't over, not by a long shot.

Jenni in Jersey City, New Jersey: What's up with Entourage?
We haven't seen much of her yet, but Mrs. Ari is a big presence this season. Perrey Reeves says, "We've got some good stuff. Some conflict there. Always conflict! But good conflict. It's fun!"

Terri from Simi Valley, California: Any scoop on Degrassi?
Paige and Alex rekindle their relationship during the season finale. I'm also told the cast is currently filming the seventh season, in which they tackle the topic of AIDS.

Maya in Marietta, Georgia: Will Scott Foley's wife come back to Brothers & Sisters in the fall?
Producers have not ruled out the possibility of Marika Dominczyk returning as Justin's love interest, but I'm hearing about another romantic matchup for him. Apparently, one of Rebecca's (Emily VanCamp) high school friends joins the show this year and there could be some chemistry there...Bitch.

'Kay, gang. That's all she wrote for today! Thanks for being here, and please be sure to check back next Monday for the next edition of Spoiler Chat, coming to you straight from the gals you'll come to adore all the more: Korbi and Jen! I'll be here the rest of this week with new blog items until I leave on Friday.

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin and Michael Berner 


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