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Tubers, just call me Kristin Almighty. Why? Thanks to a plumbing issue from the man upstairs (and by that I mean my actual neighbor), I've spent the entire day dealing with a flood in my kitchen, emptying buckets and swearing like a sailor. The good news is the emu made it onto the ark. The bad news is that I have not had one iota of time to answer your questions—which @#$%* pisses me off all the more.

However! I'm pleased to tell you that my trusted right-hand chicas, Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin, have generously offered to step in and take over today's chat, and I know you'll appreciate how much these two kick ass. (Translation: Be nice to them!) I promise to be back very soon with more scoop—as soon as my fingers deprune and crevices air out (wall and otherwise). Happy tubing. Glug, glug.

Jen Godwin: Thanks, Kristin.  We're happy to assume our TV Diva understudy duties!

Korbi Ghosh: Don't drown! Just kidding. All right, Jen, let's get to it...

Bumblebee in Astoria, Oregon: Anything on the future of Big Love?
How about the past of Big Love? HBO has put the three backstory vids we told you about last week online, and they are all outstanding. Check 'em out:

J in New York: I work at DC Comics, and you've got some big love here. There's a bunch of us who take your word for gospel, and though it's already sorta out there, we just wanted to send some info your way on the Veronica Mars comic books. They'll be published by our Wildstorm imprint, which is based in San Diego, and R.T. is looking to be firmly on board. We're even hoping for a late fall release of the first issue. Hopefully, more to come...Keep up the good work!
J, we love you. Tubers, buy DC Comics.

Stephanie in West Chester, Ohio: I am going into Bones withdrawal! Do you have any information about the new season?
Only that it's going to have 28 episodes instead of the usual 22ish! Whee!

TaMara in Denver: Is there an airdate for the Bones episode "Player Under Pressure," the episode that was postponed this spring?
There are network rumblings about a possible September broadcast. 

Diana in Springfield, Missouri: Please consider mentioning the current campaign to raise funds to thank the Studio 60 cast and crew as well as promote the Tipitina's Foundation, which was the group featured in that heartrending Christmas ep.
God bless you Studio 60 fans, every one... 

Katherine in Toronto: Is it too late to send you Tater Tops nominations?
It is not too late! Last year's categories for our annual fan-selected Couch Potato's Choice Awards are listed below, and feel free to suggest new categories as well! For example, based on your comments, this year Best Love Triangle might morph into Love Triangle We're Totally Over, and we may build out the Best Show categories with stuff like Best Animated Show and Best Reality Show…So, send your ideas and your noms to tvdiva@eonline.com, and get your TV faves a spray-painted potato of their very own!

Breakout Star, Best New Show, Worst New Show, Moment That Made You Want to Throw Out Your TV, Best Fight, Best Baddie, Best Bitch, Best Kiss, Best Guest Star, Biggest Tearjerker, Best Chemistry, Best Love Triangle, Biggest Shocker, Best Show of Skin, Biggest Disappointment, Star You'll Miss the Most, Show You'll Miss the Most, Show You Look Forward To the Most, Best Line, Future Husband Kristin Should Just Go Ahead and Marry, Favorite Funnyguy, Favorite Funnylady, Favorite Drama Mama, Favorite Drama King, Best Comedy and Best Drama.

Cal in Indianapolis: Any season four Lost dish?
Season three ended five minutes ago—have mercy! Howevah, since YouTube never goes on hiatus (thank god), check this out. It's the entire crash of Oceanic flight 815 edited into order, à la The Godfather Epic. Oh, if you have another few minutes of your life to spare, check out this superb fan-made video reporting the discovery of the wreck of the downed plane. Yay for nerds!

Tracey in Winston-Salem, North Carolina: Have you heard the rumor that Dwight Schrute might get his own spinoff from The Office? I'm not sure I want to see him go...
Rainn Wilson's people say it's "completely untrue," and our network sources haven't heard a peep, so let's call The Dwight Show rumor debunked. Although, we do have to say, we wouldn't mind it if Dwight and Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock join forces for a little extracurricular activity. Their show could be called An Adolescent Love of Hierarchy, and they could wander the countryside making people boss them around. Oooh! Or the Dwight show could be Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica, and Dwight and Stephen Colbert could team up to wrassle bears, aka the greatest menace known to the world today. They'd eat fried beets and call each other Starbuck and Apollo for kicks. Development executives of the world, call us—we've got a million more where that came from. Oooh, almost forgot: Steve Carell returns to The Daily Show tonight to promote Evan Almighty. That's not going to suck. (But when do we get an Even Ste(v/ph)en rematch?!)


Melanie in Whitney, Nevada: Desperate! I need summer scoop to tide me over.
There’s a new family moving to Wisteria Lane for season four…but the missus is no stranger to Fairview, having lived there more than a decade ago. We're hearing she gives Bree a run for her money in the uptight homemaker of the year contest. Too bad her 17-year-old daughter, Dylan, is an undercover hussy just like Danielle Van De Kamp, and her hubby is a sexy young doctor whom she may have trouble keeping up with.

Jaks in Cary, North Carolina: Anything on ER, Studio 60 or The Black Donnellys?
Yes, S60 and the Donnellys are dead...sorry. ER, however, is still very much alive, and it is currently adding new characters for the upcoming 14th season. One of them is a Doogie Howser of sorts. And we also get acquainted with Neela’s young cousin, who has a bit of a wild streak that Neela must monitor. 

Julie in Rockland, New York: Are you watching Rescue Me?  Can't believe Tommy is in cahoots with Sheila to get the insurance money!
Some of us are obsessed with Rescue Me, so yes, of course we’re watching! But FYI, though Tommy is willing to lie to get the insurance payout, he actually isn’t! He still has no idea how the fire went down and totally believes Sheila when she gives him her sob story BS this week.

Katie in Asheville, North Carolina: Rescue Me!  Any more scoop?
Franco may be ready to pop the question after all. Don’t be surprised if you see him down on one knee this season.

Benji in Oceanside, California: Do you know anything about Razor, the upcoming Battlestar Galactica movie?
Ronald D. Moore dished at the recent Battlestar Galactica event that there's a gay relationship in the film about the Battlestar Pegasus. We can now report/confirm that (as some have speculated) Admiral Cain (played by Michelle Forbes) is one-half of that gay relationship. We're also told that the movie features some "old-school Cylons."

Anne: Is Katee Sackhoff going to be a full-time castmember on Bionic Woman?
Katee told Kristin last week, "I will be on the entire season of Battlestar Galactica, but I will definitely be a presence on Bionic Woman. How much, we don't know. She is the original, the first bionic woman, and she's a total badass. She's the nemesis." By the way, if you liked Buffy versus Faith back in the day, you're probably gonna dig Jamie Sommers versus Katee's character, Sarah Corvis, as much or more...

Ted in Keene, New Hampshire: Do you watch Dexter? It’s so good! Can't wait for the new season!
Neither can we! And we just heard a little scoop: The mother of Rita (Julie Benz) is joining the show this year and drives her daughter nuts, constantly telling her what to do…

Leni in West Nyack, New York: Anything on Heroes?
The two new Heroes announced today are already familiar faces: Nick D'Agosto played Jan's Bluetooth-enabled assistant, Hunter, on The Office (does "Good luck with your band. Don’t let them change you" ring a bell?), and Dania Ramirez was Blanca, A.J.'s erstwhile fiancée on The Sopranos.

Luisa in Las Vegas: Do we know how HRG will align himself, good-versus-evil-wise, in season two?
With Heroes you can only expect the unexpected, but Jack Coleman told us, "I would like to see HRG put his pretty elaborate and nefarious skill set to use for good, but not too good. I don't want to saint him. I'd like to have a little bit of an edge, still morally gray and willing to cross the line. He is more fun when he's a little bit on the edge." Damn straight, sir. Damn straight.

Alex in Santa Barbara, California: I think I'm gonna die if Heroes doesn't come back soon. Do you have any scoop to tide me over?
We can tell you what Greg Grunberg wants to see happen to his character, Matt Parkman, in season two: "I really hope I get into a position of power, like a detective or something like that, and I would love to just continue along the lines of what I'm doing. I hope that my powers evolve into something where I could suck someone's sense of humor or language. It would be a really cool thing to do. Instead of just reading their minds, like manipulate them once, put messages in their heads."

Kate in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania: Thanks for your feature on The 4400! I loved last night's episode! Will we see that mysterious girl, Cassie, again?
Yes, indeed! Kyle finds Cassie Dunleavy, and executive producer Ira Behr says she pops up quite a bit this season.

From Karenna in Alpena, Michigan: Did you watch The 4400 season premiere?! I can't believe Alana is stuck in the 1800s!  Will she ever come back?
Actually, no. Not this season, at least. We're told that the painting Alana in Repose is the last we’ll see of her this year, and that  was intended to wrap up her storyline. P.S.: The pretty new head of NTAC eventually becomes a love interest for Tom…

Claudia in Pittsburgh: Any scoop on the next season of How I Met Your Mother?
We hear the network is asking focus groups if they would prefer to see Ted and Robin dating or just being friends for next season. Hmmm...

Mark in Lake Charles, Louisiana: L Word, L Word, L Word!
Jenny’s movie, based on the lives of her friends, is moving forward, and we're told she becomes romantically involved with the Lindsay Lohan-esque actress who wins the lead role.

Jordan in Milford, Delaware: Is Ghost Whisperer coming back for another season?
Sure is, and we're told that producers are currently looking to add a new recurring, male character to shake Melinda’s life up a bit. They want a big name for the role.  Any suggestions?

Marissa in Bloomfield, Connecticut: Kyle XY is on tonight! Any news?
As you know, Kyle is back home with the Trager family but can’t say a word about what he now knows about his origins. This causes him great stress this season, but we're hearing he divulges the whole truth around episode 14, and the Tragers are totally behind him.

CampCupcake in Bethesda, Maryland: Anything on Medium's next season?
We bumped into Mark Sheppard recently and asked him if Charles Walker would be back again to haunt Allison Dubois, and he told us, "Absolutely I'll be back—Glenn Gordon Caron just has to write it first!" Glenn, get typing!

Maria in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan: Do you ever watch Shark? Is it coming back in the fall?
It is, and Claire, the ex-wife of Sebastian (James Woods), is coming back to L.A. for season two. We're told we’ll see quite a bit of her, since she and Sebastian are still very much in love with each other. Her relationship with both him and their daughter Julie will be quite complicated and add a whole other facet to the show.

DanceFan in Houghton, Michigan: I'm a huge fan of Jack and Sam on Without a Trace. Any hope for them?
We hear the network may want that flame reignited, but Poppy Montgomery is pregnant and due at the end of the year, so her belly might get in the way of romance for a bit…

And that's all she (er, um, we) wrote! Post your comments below or on the message boards, and don't forget to send your questions and Tater Tops nominations to tvdiva@eonline.com. Kristin will be back to play with us next week, so we'll see you then. Same Bat time, same Bat channel...

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