Heroes: Tawny Cypress

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Note: Please don't read this item if you haven't yet seen last night's Heroes. This redux is a post-discussion of the episode.

Claire finally let Daddy Dearest have it. Peter flew. And Heroes claimed its first major-ish casualty. All in all, another insanely good episode, was it not?

But the most important thing you need to know is that the death of Simone, aka Tawny Cypress, is not the "death of a Hero" that I have been teasing. There were two deaths in store for the current episode arc, and the second is yet to come.

As I've mentioned before, this death is someone whom you'd think they couldn't kill off because of his or her ability. And as always, you can figure it out among yourselves in the Comments section below!

What We Learned 

I'm No Longer the Only Famous (Ha!) Guest Cameo:  As my editor Erik so wisely pointed out to me: "At the end of the episode, the bus driver who greets Hiro is Stan Lee, the man who created Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and pretty much invented the angsty modern superhero at Marvel Comics in the 1960s." Erik, as you can see, is a total nerd.

Peter Can Absorb Powers from Sylar:  And that's just hot.

Hiro Can Absorb Powers, Too?  How else would you explain him stopping the bullet right in front of his face, and reversing it? That is what happened, right? Does Hiro have more superdom up his sleeves than we thought?

Casa de Bennet Is So Screwed:  Love how the Bennet household ended up getting taken hostage anyway. As I mentioned before, the intial plan was for Sylar and Radioactive Ted to take over the house (with Ted thinking Sylar was a goody), but the plan shifted, and now it's Mohinder playing stupid-head and Matt's new trio taking over the house. As you can see from next week's promo, it doesn't end well!

What Lies Ahead (Did I Mention a Hero's Gonna Die?)

Don't Expect a New Love for Peter Anytime Soon:  I chatted up Milo Ventimiglia right before the ep, and he told me: "I don't know. I don't think so. Why? Is one leaving?" Coy little bastard. It's a good thing he's so cute.

HRG Is a Cunning Linguist:  Jack Coleman (aka Mr. Bennet, aka HRG) just did a conference call with reporters and revealed the following three things: (1) HRG is currently unaware that the Haitian can speak, but he soon finds out, and it leads to a big struggle; (2) Claire's mom was a "person of interest" in the fire that "killed" her and Claire; and (3) HRG does a scene entirely in Japanese in an upcoming ep.

Can't wait!

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