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Hey, tubers! Happy Globes Day! I'm standing on a pretty little perch overlooking the Golden Globes red carpet with the best vantage point of all the action a girl could hope for! Okay, actually it's called a Port-o-Perch (not kidding, and I wouldn't be surprised if this here "tower position" for our E! Pre-Show toppled over into the sea of celebs below!), but regardless, I'm in such a prime locale, with a perfect bird's eye view of all the big stars working the Globes carpet, you know I had to get on my CrackBerry and fill you in.

First, let me just say: Brrrr. It is a chilly-ass day here at the Beverly Hilton (currently about 40 degrees, which is not acceptable to we sissy Californians!). But thankfully, I just ran into a fine future hubby candidate to keep me warm: Santiago Cabrera (Isaac) from Heroes. Muy caliente. Y muy simpatico. Ay, ay! He said he is beyond excited about tonight and thinks the show might actually win. Then he said some other stuff, but seriously, who can pay attention to the words coming out of that mouth?

And, ooh! There's my Masi! Okay, here's what I love. Normally, only we Z-listers (reporters and the likes, or occasionally Kathy Griffin) show up this early to make sure they get press attention before the big celebs show up. But not Masi! He is still so humble, so green, so adorably non-Hollywood that he is working the teeny, tiny international print outlets as I type this. Love it.

Be back in one second with much more, as the day has only begun and mama don't stop till the last celeb is drinking the last drink (and spilling the last scoop). Stand by!

2:50 p.m. (PT):  We have a cameraman down. I repeat, we have cameraman down. Thankfully, it's not one of our own E! peeps but a guy from a French outlet, who fell backward off of his stool when he saw Vanessa Minnillo. I'm not kidding. The guy is fine, but I'm a little hurt he didn't fall for me. Hmph.

Ooh! Full Heroes cast. Pause for drool.

3:00 p.m.:  Mary Lynn Rajskub of 24 is officially a goddess. A smokin' hot goddess. Did you see her last night on the premiere? (Did you note the tension between her British-ish beau and Eric Balfour? There's a reason for that.) Anyhoo, I'm standing right above her right now and she looks amazing--and naturally, not spilling a word of scoop. (As someone who recently got in trouble for spilling too much on 24--whoopsie--I completely understand. Mary Lynn, keep your life and your pretty mouth closed.)

3:10 p.m.:  Ryan is interviewing my man John Stamos. Bastard. Dirty rotten bastard. Hmph. Guess I'll have to make out with John later at the NBC party for retribution.

And...what the...? Okay, weird. Milo Ventimiglia just beelined past all the reporters straight into the Hilton, skipping all the press. And Naveen Andrews just did the same thing! Are they press-shy? Meeting up for a secret rendezvous? Pausing for a potty break? You decide.

3:15 p.m.:  Is it wrong that I want to make out with Ali Larter in that dress?

3:20 p.m.:  Milo is back! Phew. Clearly, the entire Heroes cast is close. Even when the camera isn't on them, they're all hanging out together, chatting and giggling. Très cute.

By the way, I'm hitting the NBC party for our postshow, so watch for me after the Globes telecast ends. I'm also hitting the HBO, InStyle and E! bashes, so if you have any Q's for your TV faves, post 'em below (in the Comments section).

3:25 p.m.:  Um, holy hell. I cannot believe what I just witnessed. A reporter from an unnamed outlet (I can't read his sign, or I would so tell you) was just interviewing Michael C. Hall, (of Dexter, the man I hope wins tonight) and called out over his shoulder to an armed, uniformed guard: "Watch out for this guy. He's a crazy killer!" The guard laughed and smiled! Only at the Globes. (Do not try that with M.C.H. should you see him at the airport.)

3:35 p.m.:  No one—and I do mean no one—works the fan stands like John Stamos. I just saw a girl half-collapse because he held her hand and flirted with her. I suppose it didn't help that I kicked her.

Oh my. I am watching Hayden Panettiere and the naked fat-suit producer guy from Borat embrace, hug, talk and embrace some more for 30 seconds, a minute, two minutes...whoa! Okay, major brownie points to whoever can tell me how those two are connected. Is he Claire's bio-dad?

3:55 p.m.:  Beloved Losties Jorge Garcia, Elizabeth Mitchell, Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim are sticking together like glue, all the way down the carpet. Wonder what Benry would say about Juliet (Elizabeth) being so close to them! (I've heard he won't be happy with her in coming episodes anyway.)

Brrr...I'm wearing long johns under my dress. Not doing me any good.

4:05 p.m.:  The crowd just went cuckoo-crazy wild over Alec Baldwin, screaming his name and running to the front of the bleachers, while Tony Shalhoub sauntered by, casually looking to the press section to see if anyone wanted to interview him, then straight into the auditorium. Aw, pookie! Could this be a prediction of who'll win the Best Actor in a Comedy race tonight?

4:20 p.m.:  The only person wearing sunglasses today anywhere on the red carpet? Adrian Pasdar. Clearly his own hotness is blinding him.

Meanwhile, there's nothing like seeing Project Runway judge Tim Gunn sandwiched into the ghetto section of the press, among all the print and online reporters (ugh, those online lame-os). The celebs are dodging the other outlets while zooming in for Tim's critique. He gushed over America Ferrera, calling her purple gown "a gem in a jewel tone," then smiled pleasantries to Chloë Sevigny's classy black and white gown, but his face fell into brief moment of disgust as she twirled around and showed her dominatrix shoes. Ha! And Chloë is none the wiser.

4:30 p.m.: I could have sworn Teri Hatcher showed up with Bono, but apparently the man under those sunglasses (now Adrian isn't alone!), beanie cap and flavor-savor goatee is her new beau Stephen Kay, a TV director from The Shield and Friday Night Lights. She seems happy.

Jennifer Garner looks amazing! Oh, Sydney Bristow, how I miss thee. She's avoiding all press but is currently getting stopped by loads of other Globes attendees who want their picture taken with her.

4:45 p.m.:  Ellen Pompeo, Kyra Sedgwick, Sarah Paulson, Cameron Diaz, Hayden Panettiere, Teri Hatcher, Ali Larter. The color of the night is definitely white! Shoulda worn my wedding dress. But hey! Angie and Brad are here, and she's followed my lead—Clearly! What else could it be, coincidence?—and is wearing steel gray.

4:50 p.m.:  The Greatest American Hero is here! Oh wait, no, that's Will Ferrell

4:52 p.m.:  Whoa. Evangeline Lilly (who looks insanely gorgeous) just told Ryan that she never really bought into the idea of fame and always though it was a hoax. When he asked if she would ever quit Lost or the Industry, she answered: "I would quit the Industry. I will at some point. I just know that some day I won't be an actress, that's for sure." She better not quit Lost, that's all I know!

4:55 p.m.:  Wow. I honestly have never in my life seen anyone as stunningly gorgeous as Angelina in person. Brangelina is currently walking down the carpet and it is truly the parting of the red sea, with everyone moving to the side and staring, slack-jawed.

And now that Brad and Angie have gone inside, the entire carpet is vacating (it seems everyone was waiting for the royal couple's entrance), and I need to go watch the show.

I'll be back later tonight and/or tomorrow morning with more fun bloggery from the Globes! In the meantime, check out our Post Show live on E!, right after the Globescast ends. I'll be the girl in Angelina's dress.

Thanks for sharing the carpet with me!   (Be sure to click through our full Globes wrap-up, complete with pics, clips, backstage blog and lots more.)

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