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Did you hear? Did you hear? We get more Weeds! Whooo!

I am just beside myself with today's news that Weeds will live to do a third season of 15 episodes, starting next summer on Showtime. In my delusional giddiness, I immediately shot off a congratulatory email to executive producer and creator Jenji Kohan, who shot back:

"It is? Oh, no! Now we have to clean up this mess!"

She's kidding, of course. (Though I, for one, am dying to see how Mary-Louise Parker's character, Nancy, manages to get out of the "mess" she found herself in at the end of the second-season finale: A drug deal gone so bad she was left surrounded by five gunman, with her husband was apparently dead and her teenage son about to face life in prison.)

Jenji continued: "Seriously, Weeds has been an amazing experience, and we're so thrilled that we get to keep on doing what we do."

In a recent interview, Justin Kirk (Andy Botwin) seconded that emotion. Here's a snippet of our convo:

Do you get the sense that everyone in the cast wants the show to continue?
As far as I know, yeah. What are you getting at, Kristin?

I don't know. Give me the juice! I heard Alexander...
Okay, yes, it's true. Alexander Gould [Shane Botwin] wants to do a Broadway tour of the Nemo character. Such a diva. [laughs] No, honestly, in the end I think both actors and writers know that we're in a very good situation. A lot of [the writers] toiled in bad sitcoms for years, and certainly plenty of actors on the show have had jobs that weren't up to this level, so I think we know we're lucky!

This fan certainly feels lucky, too. 'Cause if you've been watching this show, you know Weeds is quite possibly the greatest addiction known to TV fans.

Thanks for not bogarting, Showtime!

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