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 Is it true that Isaiah Washington might get fired?
According to ABC and sources close to the set, that is not true. I'm told Isaiah is going to be sticking around. However, I'm also told by sources that things are hardly back to normal on the Grey's Anatomy set and in the production office. Word is there's still a lot of anger and disappointment among the cast and crew who work on Grey's Anatomy, and the producers are currently deciding how best to handle the aftermath of the scuffle, both on set and in the storyline.

Why wasn't Summer Glau on Supernatural!? We fans are very confused.

So was I! I contacted the CW to solve the mystery and was told that Summer had been recast—a while ago. The listing information (which appears in media outlets) was taken from an early casting sheet, when Summer was on the show, but she has been replaced by an actress named Tamara Feldman.

There was a mini-marathon of Justice over the weekend on FX. Was this a test by Fox to see if Justice could make it on a cable network if it did not gain enough traction on its broadcast network? Or was this merely an attempt to capture new viewers for the show?

I'm told Fox does not want to give up on Justice and is hoping to attract new viewers—which explains the marathon and the big new Justice billboards, which have swapped out ads for Prison Break. Keep your fingers crossed for Spy Daddy! (And by the way, I'm hitting a hot Fox party this week, with castmembers of all Fox shows—Justice, Prison Break, 24, The OC, etc. So, email me at with any questions you have for the stars.)
Please tell me Studio 60 already has a full season order so I can finally get a good night's sleep! I keep reading that additional scripts were ordered for Friday Night Lights, even though it has fewer viewers...mind you, I love Lights, but if it winds up canceling my absolute favorite show of the season, I will be seriously bummed.
Hate to break it to you, but that is a very real possibility. NBC decided to air Lights next Monday instead of Studio 60, and if it does better in that time slot, 60 could be a goner. 


On Heroes, Horn-Rimmed Glasses said, "Just take the one," while standing over Nikki and Nathan. So, which is it?

In tonight's episode, he takes only Nathan, but as you probably saw in the preview, Nathan has a way of getting out of things. Zoom, zoom! And where he lands will be pretty fantastic! 

Though I spent this past Monday twitching from chat withdrawals, I really do love the new site! My Q: On Lost, is Kate's "love confession" distinct from her notorious "choice?" Or are the two things one and the same?
—Leah Kate

From what I've heard, it is one and the same. Though I'm only 99 percent sure on that, given how things have been changing from the script! Don't forget that I'll be watching this Wednesday's Lost with you (at 9 p.m. Pacific Time) on the message boards. And ooh, mama, it's a crazy episode! Not only do you see the most dramatic exchange between Kate and any man ever on this show (hint: It is a life-or-death love confession), but you can expect the following happenings:

  • An animal "dies"
  • An Other dies
  • Sawyer has a heart-wrenching storyline
  • Sawyer finds his Westmoreland and someone else very close to him   
  • We find out Juliet and Jack have one very big thing in common

The Office is a rerun this week! No Halloween episode?!

Sadly, there isn't.  But when the show returns Nov. 2, we get a special treat: Michael decides that Dunder-Mifflin Scranton needs to attend a Diwali celebration! Diwali is a traditional East Indian holiday, so of course they all end up running into Kelly's parents at the festival. And bonus casting alert! Her parents on that episode are played by the real-life parents of Mindy Kaling, who plays Kelly. I'm hearing her family is under the impression that Kelly's relationship with Ryan is far more serious than he thinks it is. Also, expect to see more of Michael's girlfriend, Carol (Nancy Walls), very soon, although I'm told their relationship isn't long for this world.

Any spoilers on Grey's Anatomy?
The next episode is pretty hilarious. Izzie is back at the hospital, and she's not allowed to treat patients or even talk to them until she jumps through all sorts of hoops, including following around her new "teachers," aka the other interns. Meredith even has to give Izzie an evaluation at the end of the ep. Also, Derek's sister is going to visit, and she is not a fan of Meredith! She calls her a "slutty intern." Ha!

What About Brian! How will the show ever be the same again? Adam and Brian hate each other!

Haven't you heard? Bros before ho's! When I spoke to Barry Watson recently, he assured me that things with between Adam and Brian will be patched up and return to normal. Unfortunately, I'm hearing the same may not go for Marjorie...

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(Check out Planet Gossip for more scoop on the Grey's situation.)

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