Paris Hilton, Benji Madden

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In case you've been stuck in a cave for the past several months, Paris Hilton is smitten with Benji Madden—and for the millionth time, the heiress proclaimed her in-loveness to the world.

On his KIIS-FM morning show, Ryan Seacrest surprised his guest Benji by playing a prerecorded interview with Paris. But what could have turned into a sweet, touching moment following playback was cut short by Benji's twin brother and Good Charlotte bandmate Joel.

Here's what Paris had to say about realizing she had feelings for her current beau:

"When I heard [Benji] make a speech about Joel and Nicole and the baby [at the couple's baby shower], I thought he was cute then. And then when I saw him with Harlow, I just realized he had a really sweet, kind heart. Then we just totally had a crush on each other, and we fell in love right away."

Following Paris' touching, Lifetime-movie moment, Joel stepped in and set the record straight.

"[Benji's] speeches are not touching. They’re like—they always degrade me. They make fun of me. Like 'I never thought I’d see the day when Joel actually had sex with a girl and then make it count. But you did it, Joel.' It was a classic Benji-Madden-makes-fun-of-Joel speech."

Hmmm, guess it doesn't take much to win over Paris. We've heard positive things about Benji, but if that is a speech she believes revealed the rocker's good heart, we don't even want to hear what she considers a slam.

Click in below to hear the entire interview...


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