Nick Hogan

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Hulk Hogan's son has had about enough of himself for now.

Nick Hogan, who, after being sentenced to eight months in jail, has been cooling his heels in solitary confinement because he's too young to join the general population, filed a motion asking that he be placed on house arrest until July 27, his 18th birthday, or moved into the minimum-security lockup.

Because Hogan, whose real last name is Bollea, is a minor, he has been isolated in a maximum-security cell at Pinellas County Jail, according to his attorney, Kevin Hayslett, who says the teen has lost at least 10 pounds and has no access to a telephone or TV, privileges enjoyed by inmates serving time for similar offenses.

"Understandably, this situation creates an unbearable anxiety for a minor in solitary confinement," Hayslett wrote in court documents filed Friday. "This sort of confinement "substantially amounts to cruel and unusual punishment for a juvenile and is not warranted for a non-violent first offender serving a probation sentence."

Hayslett also groused about Bollea's telephone calls being recorded and disseminated to the press. The 26 hours of taped conversations included "deeply personal communications" and their release "caused unspeakable harm," wrote Hayslett.

In a letter filed last week, counsel for the Pinella County Sheriff's Office wrote that Hogan's "current classification, housing and treatment...are proper."

Hogan was sentenced May 9 after pleading no contest to one count of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury, punishment for a DUI crash that left his passenger severely injured.

The son of wrestling royalty also received five years' probation (starting when he reported to jail), 500 hours of community service and a strict order to steer clear of alcohol throughout. He also had his license revoked for three years and was ordered to attend DUI school.

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