It’s no secret that basically everyone with double-x chromosomes has been anticipating the moment when Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte would finally return to spice up our lives. So it was with bated breath that I took the assignment of covering the Sex and the City premiere in Toronto. Tough gig, as my boss would say. The pink carpet was rolled and blinged out with Swarovski crystals. The cameras were ready and the microphones poised.

It’s Kim Cattrall, ya’ll! So of course Miss Thang was simply stunning. I mean really, really stunning. I have a major girl-crush on her – and who doesn’t. At 52, Kim is luminous, charming and oozes sexual confidence. I wanted all the time with her that I could get. In case you’re wondering, there’s a dude just out of camera range, right beside Kim, whose job is to twirl his finger in a “wrap it up” motion. After resisting the urge to bite it off, I finished the interview. If it’s even possible, I love her more.

Then onto the party! Inside the Toronto Circus School (neato venue), the speakers blasted Fergie’s Sex and the City theme song, while male bartenders in pink tutus served martinis named after the fearless foursome and of course, Mr. Big. Good times. Leaving the party was difficult, not just because it was fun, but because I was basically hobbled by my too-high heels. After walking back down the now empty jewel-encrusted pink carpet, I realized I had a decidedly glamorous problem. Diamonds in my shoes!


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