Laura Vandervoort, Smallville

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It's a bird...It's a plane...It's Super...girl! And she's meeting a....Superfan!

As you Smallville fans already know, the latest DC Comics character to join the beloved series is Clark Kent's powerful cousin Kara, played by the beautiful Laura Vandervoort.

This is giddy-good stuff for any S-ville fan, and we just so happen to have in our E! Online family the biggest S-ville diehard on the planet: Michael Berner (who may or may not have appeared on a Vine show or two as Manna White). When I scored a little one-on-one time with Miss Vandervoort herself, I figured, who better to chat up the foxy superbabe than the guy who'll probably tell his grandkids about it someday?

So, listen in as Michael lives the dream...

Supergirl is an icon. What is it like playing her? 
There's a certain bit of pressure that comes with it. I want to make sure I do a good job and [live up to] the comic book fans' idea of who she is, but also put my own spin on it. It's been a lot of fun playing her so far and kind of adding little things I think would be cool for her to have.

The cast and crew must be pretty tight after six seasons. Have they been cool to you?
Everyone's been asking if I was nervous joining the cast. And I guess I was worried about the fact that they had been together for [so long] and I might not quite fit in, but everyone was really great when I got there. Erica [Durance] especially, since she was the last new girl on the show and knew what I was going through. She took me under her wing and made me feel comfortable. But being a part of Smallville in general [has been amazing], because I've been a fan since season one, and I love the way it's shot and acted and written. I am so honored to be a part of it.

How was the bonding process between you and Tom, since you guys are supposed to be related on the show?
Yeah, it's really cool. We have this sarcastic humor with each other, and we make each other laugh all the time. I've never had an older brother, so it's nice to have that relationship, and he's really helpful with my scenes. Sometimes I don't know how to make it sound realistic, since I am talking about other planets and things like that, and he's had six years of experience, so that's cool. 

Tell me a little bit about Smallville's version of Supergirl?
We go by the DC Comics mythology, the current one, but we add a little spice to it. She is a bit of a rebel, and she is causing trouble and making a lot of mistakes and a lot of enemies. But Clark is there to teach her right from wrong, and he plays the older brother in a sense. And she is more of a modern version of Supergirl.

What can we look forward to for your character this season?
Clark and Kara have a bit of a falling out, which pushes Kara to leave the Smallville land, and Clark doesn't know where she has gone. Of course, she's off causing trouble! Meanwhile, Lex is looking for her, because they had an encounter. Kara will find herself in a bit of trouble with a certain scientist, and she learns some things about her family on Krypton that she didn't even know about. That may or may not ruin her image of her family for her.

Will there be a love interest for Kara... possibly by the name of Jimmy Olsen?
Yes, there is a love interest thing that happens with her and Jimmy.

Are you looking forward to getting a fan couple name like Clana and Lexana?
I didn't know that they did that. That would be's kind of like Brangelina.

How has the flying been?
The flying is a lot of fun. When I first got there, they put me in the harness, and I was doing lots of stunt practices and flying. We did a lot of that yesterday. Actually, we were shooting some flying stuff where I go plunging down toward the safety mat. It's a lot of fun.

You mentioned that Kara will be causing some trouble this season. Is it true that she and John Jones [Martian Manhunter] will be having some problems?
She has some past history with him. There's definitely some tension between them. Martian Manhunter is Clark's friend, and she doesn't like him, so it causes tension between the three of them.

There have been talks about a Supergirl spinoff. Have you heard these rumors? Are you interested in a possible spinoff?
Oh yeah, I love Kara, so if they decided to go that route...we haven't really discussed it, but I would be all for it.

Are you signed on just for the seventh season or for a while?
They've got me for as long as they want. I mean, I am doing season seven, and it is up to the viewers. They are going to wait until the show airs, and if everyone likes the character and we [reach] new demographics, they might choose to keep me on Smallville...or maybe move on to something else.

—Reporting and tastefully subdued fandemonium by Michael Berner

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