Update:  Checkity-check it—the Vine vixens have whipped up a little Heroes bonus clip for your viewing pleasure. Tune in to hear what Milo Ventimiglia, Hayden Panettiere, Zachary Quinto and creator Tim Kring have to say about the end of season one and the show's prospects for season two!

Dear NBC Marketing Department,

I love my Dwight bobblehead doll. It sits on my desk, reluctantly nodding good morning to me and looking dead sexy. But Bobble Dwight is lonely. And after last night's Heroes, I know just what he needs to keep him compnay: A Sylar Globe!

I'm talking, of course, about the snow globe Mama Sylar had in her house, with a nine-year-old-ish Sylar peeping out from the snowy, magical dome.

I need it. And Bobble Dwight needs a friend. Just think of all the things he and Sylar Globe would have to discuss. World domination, Lasik being for losers and the palatal and textural nuances of beets versus brains...Please, make it happen!

Thank you,

Now that that's outta the way, shall we discuss last night's fanfreakingtastic episode? Thought so!


Peter Should Not  Play "Have You Met Ted?"  You fans of How I Met Your Mother know what I'm talking 'bout, right? "Have You Met Ted?" is the game through which Barney introduces his friend Ted to foxy little honeys at the neighborhood drinking hole. But somehow, the game is not so much fun when we're talking about Peter meeting Radioactive Ted, the explosive dude who will give Peter his power to burst into a radioactive ball of death, killing .07 percent of the population. Was I the only one supremely annoyed by the fact that Peter did not immediately run the other way when he spotted Ted on the street? Dufus! Step away from the radiation. Anyone who has a microwave knows that. Der.

Lost Has Daddy Issues. Heroes Has Mommy Issues:  Not only did we discover that  Peter and Nathan's mother has been working with Linderman all along (oh, the horror!), but Sylar accidentally killed his mommy (whoopsie), and Micah continues to deal with a big ol' maternal mess with his Niki/Jessica/Candice "mother." (Side note: Is it just me, or did Isaac's rendering of Micah look like Cartman dressed up for a disco gig? I think I might need a doll of that, too!) Plus, of course, we learned that Linderman created the supertrio of Nikki, D.L. and Micah. Crafty.

Sylar Is FaaaascinatingProbably just about the best villain on television right now, am I right? Zachary Quinto (Sylar) tells me, "As the drama gets bigger, Sylar's actions get smaller and more calculated." Hence, the tiny little finger wiggles that can send furniture and people flying across the room. Talk about a man who's good with his hands.

Hiro Has to Have More Sword-Fight Action on the Way:  Masi Oka told me about an upcoming "sword fight" with Sylar, saying: “We had this whole elaborate thing set up and, like, 17 moves. We didn’t have much time to rehearse it, but it was just so much fun doing it all. It looks great, and I can’t wait to do it again next season." He said that was for last night's episode, but was that really 17 moves? Either the scene was trimmed a wee bit—I'm unable to count—or we'll get more Hiro-Sylar smackdownery in the last two eps.


Sylar Thinks He's the Bomb. Peter Thinks He's the Bomb, Too:  From what I understand to be true, Peter is right, and we have one hell of a cliffhanger coming our way in the finale.

Personally, I'm most concerned about Nathan, who not only could make it his mission to save his little brother but is also a target of Sylar—who wants to be president to make his mommy proud. Gulp. Not to mention that Adrian Pasdar wouldn't answer the question of whether he was coming back next season at the show's wrap party. Double gulp.

What did you all think of the ep? And who's with me on the Sylar Globe?! Post your comments and theories below.

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