Note to readers:  I'm sure you've noticed this column looks a wee bit different than it did yesterday, but please don't panic. These are only slight alterations, and they are, in my opinion, very cool improvements—primarily, because they come from you.

Remember a few months back, when I asked for your feedback on our format? Well, we didn't forget you! In fact, thanks to your great input, our crack team of production elves was able to use your most popular requests and suggestions as a guide to spruce up WWK Central, where there is now the following:

  • Permanent links on the left to our trademark categories: Spoiler Chat (new every Tuesday), Hump Day Stumper (the blind dish that drives you nuts every Wednesday) and all of our related video content (including my Vine show each Monday)
  • Additional categories beneath those, so you can find your favorite TV shows and topics in a snap 
  • A wider column that is (I think) easier to read
  • A bunch of other minor improvements you're sure to come across as you cruise around!

See? Not so traumatic a change after all!

Now, feel free to comment below, or email me ( with your response to these alterations. Of course, we want you to be honest, but just remember: Every time you say something nasty, a cute little production elf cries.

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