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The good doctor is staying in the house...er, rather the island, as the case may be.

I just received definitive word that Matthew Fox is not being killed off of Lost, despite rampant rumors that his days on the show were numbered. Rumors that were perpetuated by Matthew himself, when he told our E! crew flat out that he was "not on the show anymore. They killed me off."

Little bugger. I have half a mind to continue to watch and support your show. You just watch me. I will.

I know how rarely we get any definitive answers on this show that we all obsess over and adore (and lose our sanity for), so I wanted to give you that very straight piece of information, that Matthew Fox will be staying, and subsequently, the producers have not lost their minds.

Now that we know it isn't Foxy, and assuming the rumors of an upcoming death are true, the question remains: Who'll be the next to go?

It seems as though it might possibly be the man known as the Brazilian Russell Crowe, Rodrigo Santoro, who, yes, has been barely more than a meat sock thus far (that's a background character, okay? Get your minds out of the gutter, people!). Sources tell me we will be seeing more of his character, along with Kiele Sanchez, however, the producers also have decided to shift the focus back to the main Losties, including the ones we didn't see much of in the first six episodes, like Jin, Charlie, Claire, etc.

Lucky for you (and unlucky for producers), I just so happen to have a special correspondent for all things Brazilian, Secret Agent J-Wow, whose native tongue is Portuguese. Rodrigo just gave an interview with the Brazilian version of Rolling Stone magazine, which you can read about hereif you speak Portuguese.

According to J-Wow, this is what Rodrigo says in the article: "He said he is shooting his last scenes this month and then he is going to 'disappear' from the series. He said the writers are writing an episode focusing on him, and they'll problably kill him off. Rodrigo said he would like to participate more in Lost, as long as the writers have an incredible story to have him back in the future. He said he's going to focus on his movie career in Brazil. Can't wait to marry you. Love, J-Wow."

Um...I think that last sentiment may have been for me, but, well, you get the picture about Rodrigo.

So, what say ye? Is Rodrigo the next to go? If not him, who? Comment below!

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