Hey tubers! Thanks so much for being here. This week, Matthew Fox tells us exclusively that he's getting killed off Lost (which of course, probably means he isn't) another Heroes star bites the dust and—ring-a-ding-ding!—do I hear wedding bells over at Seattle Grace?

From Sam: I am dying for some Grey's Anatomy spoilers.
Someone's getting hitched! I'll tell you more in the Spoiler Section. (Psst…I'm not talking about Giuliana. Or myself, for once.)

From Martin: Did you manage to track down America and Masi on Globes day?
Did I ever! Yes, I crashed both the Ugly Betty and Heroes sets (it's amazing how far past security you can get with a little bottle of Dom P!), and you can see the fruits of my "labor" (champagne swilling) in my latest Vine installment—just click on the "Play Video Now" button at the top of this page.

From Shane: How crazy unbelievable was Dexter last night?! You were right—that reveal that **** was ******'s ******* was totally Tourette's worthy! But I'm sad to see **** go. Why did they **** him?
Geez, that was a lot of asterisks, but I want to make sure no one's reading this unless they've already seen the finale from Sunday night. Anyhoo, when I spoke with Christian Camargo (you did see the Q&A, right?) who plays Rudy/Brian, he had this to say about getting whacked: "They were going back and forth on whether to kill me, because in the [Dexter] books, Rudy doesn't get killed. He is this phantom thing out there. So [Dexter's producers] chose to kill Rudy, I guess, because they needed to go out with a bang at the end of the season. I actually think that probably the spirit of Rudy/Brian will be back more now than if they hadn't killed him, because you never have to see him again. You would just always know he was there."

From Marci: On Dexter, will we ever see Rudy again?
Christian told me, "I might be back in other iterations. We don't know. It's sad to not be apart of that show as much...but that kind of character, you don't get to play for four years. It was a fun ride, but I think it would get a little tiring after a while. And that last episode, talk about an actor having subtext, there is so much! Everything that Dexter went through, Rudy went through and saw and remembered. I am not trying to empathize with a serial killer, but there is definitely a child in there."

From Erin: Do you know when Dexter season one will be out on DVD? I've been dying to see it, but I'm too cheap to order Showtime. Thanks!
I hear you, mama. The DVD will probably come out late next summer or just before the season two premiere. Showtime On Demand also has them, but there's no word yet on iTunes—consider this a cry for help to get the eps on there!

From Keith: Yay! How great was it that Evangeline Lilly was nominated for a Globe?
So great that I had to rattle off a congratulatory email—to which she replied, "Thank you! I'm still in happy shock!" Matthew Fox had this to say: "I think everyone on Lost is pretty happy for Evie for getting recognized, and I would like to see everyone in the cast get recognized at one point or another. We are kind of going down the call sheet at the moment." Oooh! Does that mean the meat socks will get noms in 2010?

From totallytivo: Is it true that Vincent D'Onofrio is leaving Law & Order: Criminal Intent? There's all these Internet rumors that he's not appearing on any more shows this year.
I love Goren! I took this Q to a couple sources, and I can assure you that it's safe to relax. Both an NBC rep and a friend of mine who works on O.G. Law & Order tell me these that to the very best of their knowledge, Vincent D'Onofrio is staying put. The show's in repeats until January, but he's definitely not MIA outside of that, so you can stop worrying your pretty little heads.

From Francine: I heard a rumor that Rex Van De Kamp is coming back to Wisteria Lane? Does that mean he's alive?! Will Bree dump Orson when she finds out?
As a Rex fan, I'm sorry to say he is, in fact, very dead. However, we may see him again anyway! It's been reported that Marc Cherry has asked Steven Culp, who played Rex, to take over Mary Alice's voice-over duties for an upcoming episode that focuses on the underrated men of Wisteria. I'm hearing that Steven is all for it, and happy to take some time off his midseason show, Traveler (which by the way, is really good). As for Orson, he ain't goin' anywhere anytime soon. I'm told producers adore Kyle MacLachlan so much, they've tweaked his original storyline in order to keep him around longer.

From Courtney: Is it true that TNT did not pick up Saved for a second season? Are they stupid?
I don't know. I requested a comment from the network, and all I got back was "derrrrrrrrrr…"  

From Shelly: I was just wondering if Six Degrees was canceled. I was kind of getting into it, and poof it was gone! Can you tell me anything? Thanks!
The show is still officially on hiatus and scheduled to come back midseason (fingers crossed!). Last I heard, they were planning on retooling it to focus on Campbell Scott and Bridget Moynahan, and not so much on the others (which explains why one of the others has been auditioning for pilots). That was the rumor…I'll letcha know if/when I hear more, sugarlove.

From Thomas: When is The Nine coming back?
Sorry, I know this is old news for most of you. But so many people have asked, I feel it necessary to say that The Nine has been cancelled. Ditto for Daybreak. Sorry to be the bearer of sad (old) news.

From Janine: Kristin, I know you don't confirm your blind riddles, but can you tell us if anybody has guessed any of the most recent correctly? (Fick Buddy, Skinny Dippin' Duo or One-Note Nelly?)
Janine, I can't tell you that, but I can rule out a few suspects for you. Skinny Dippin' Duo is not Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer from House. One-Note Nelly is not Michelle Rodriguez. And it is with great regret that I inform you that Fick Buddy is not the future Mr. Esposito, aka Bradley Cooper. Curses!


From Lana: Dish me some Grey's action!
Sleigh bells ring…are you listening? Or, wait, actually, could those be wedding bells? I believe they are! Sources tell me there is going to be a surprise wedding on Grey’s Anatomy before the season ends, and it happens much, much sooner than you’re thinking. The bride and groom are two people we love, and the ceremony is something no one will see coming.

From Joanna: More Grey's scoop!
Along with the married couple, another Seattle Grace man is gonna be popping the question to someone very soon!

From Paul: Your infamous frienemy says there is going to be a pregnancy on Grey's. True?
My sources tell me that is not something that has been written yet. So, unless he’s crawling inside the mind of Shonda Rhimes (and I wouldn’t put it past him), I’m doubtful.

From Elka: Any definite word yet on whether Matthew Fox is getting killed off of Lost?
I hope you’re sitting down for this, because I have a direct quote from Matthew Fox himself, who (during press for We Are Marshall) told our very own E! cameras: "I’m not on Lost anymore. I’m done with that. I’m not going back. And it has nothing to do with my movie career. They killed me off." Beep, beep, BEEP, BEEP!!! Do you hear that? It’s the sound of our B.S. meter going off the charts! To put it plainly, if Matthew Fox says he’s getting killed off, assuredly he is not actually getting killed. Unless…crap…Could he be doing a double-flip mind trip on us? Argh. This show is gonna be the end of me!

From Amy: Got anything on Lost?
Matthew also said, "The most exciting 16 episodes of television are coming up in the spring. And there are going to be so many things that happen. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you any of it." I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Argh.

From marsdrivesasaturn: I know the holiday season tends to be quiet on the TV front, but do you have any Lost news?
I can promise a little love for you continuity fiends: I had dinner with a friend last night who went to a Lost audition about two weeks ago. She was auditioning for a Hurley flashback. They were looking for a reporter to interview him. He was investing his newfound fortune in a Chicken Shack, but a day before the grand opening the place was flattened by a meteor. If you were paying attention during the season two premiere, you remember Hurley mentioning this very meteorite disaster when he was explaining to Jack the numbers are bad!

From Michael: Heroes?
You heard it here first, people: Another Hero is going to die before the season ends. Place your bets in the comments section below!

From Pauline: Please, more Heroes!
When I was on the set this week, I noticed a big, fancy prison set, and Masi told me we’d find out what it’s for in episode 12 or 13. It did not look like the cell that Peter was in, so I’m intrigued!

From Carie: Tell me the rumors of Peter and Claire possibly being siblings and never getting together are false. You have to agree with me that these two have the most chemistry of all the Heroes, and it would be a tragedy for them not to leave things open in the future. Thanks so much!
Sorry, Carie, but they will not get together. Trust me.

From Officelover: Any Office scoop?
The Dwight/Andy feud comes to a head in January and causes some major turmoil in the office, as I’m hearing Andy really works Michael into thinking Mr. Schrute is a traitor and is not to be trusted. However, while Andy may be winning the small battles, I’m pretty positive Dwight wins the war, and it’s going to be really fun to watch!

From Mike: I loved the Benihana episode of The Office! My favorite part? When Oscar returned from his "sabbatical" and said it's "too soon!" Will he be back?
Yes. He does have his official Dunder-Mifflin homecoming a few episodes into the new year. I'm hearing they throw him a welcome-back party, although, sadly for Oscar, I’m told his coworkers might actually be more focused on the return of someone else we know and love.

From Cassie: Who is Michael taking to Sandals? In the Christmas episode of The Office, someone was on the phone with him and said yes to his invite. Who?
If you’d been keeping up with the chat for the last couple of months, you should know the answer to that! I don’t wanna beat you over the head with the reveal, but it’s a fantastically good one, and there’s great stuff ahead. Believe it or not, someone we know does have the hots for Michael, and will even have the hots for him after they return from Jamaica. Yep, clearly she was smoking some good ganja.

From Melinda: Anything on Desperate Housewives?
It looks like there’s gonna be a significant death very soon. And it makes things a whole heck of a lot easier for Susan.

From Kathleen: How awesome is My Boys!
So awesome that I’m stalking the cast tomorrow at a bowling alley/arcade. We’ll see who’s the biggest player! (If you have any questions for the cast, please email them to me at tvdiva@eonline.com and I’ll be your bestest friend.) Also, great news from TBS: The show has been picked up for another nine episodes! They’ll go back into production after the holidays and the new eps will air this summer.

From Jackie: What's going to happen with Randy and Catalina?
Bom-chicka-bow-wow. February's gonna be a good month for Randy Hickey, 'cause I'm told he's gettin' some! Also, how's this for a running theme this season: Following in the footsteps of Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) who had his black brother (Wayne Brady) on How I Met Your Mother and Orlando Jones getting cast as Derek Richardson's black brother on Men in Trees, sources tell me Joy is gonna have a black sister on Earl.  

From Bryan: 30 Rock rocks! Gimme something!
First of all, how hilarious has this show gotten? I nearly died laughing last week. So, please watch if you haven’t been—it’s getting really good! Meanwhile, are you a Pee-wee Herman fan? Of course you are. Well, I'm hearing the one and only Paul Reubens is guesting on an upcoming ep and it's hilarious. He is almost unrecognizable on the show.

From Emily: Ugh, I am dying without my two loves, Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill. Any news to tide me over till they come back?
We’ve tackled Grey’s, so I’ll go with OTH. Did you hear Laguna Beach’s Stephen Colletti is guesting on an upcoming episode?! Remember how they had Point Pleasant’s Elisabeth Harnois on earlier this year, playing a "clean teen"? Well, an inside source tells me Stephen is the male version of that, and he may be getting it on with Brooke! (Sorry, Brucas fans.)

From greenie: Any Battlestar scoop?
In case you missed the intergalactic memo, Ron Moore pitched a BSG spinoff to Sci Fi called Caprica, and here’s what he tells me about the status: "It's up to the network. They have the script, and they've said they're very excited about it, so now we just sit and wait." I asked if we might be meeting any of the ancestors of the BSG folks we already know (like Bill Adama’s father, who, as I’m sure you know, was a civil rights attorney on Caprica!) and Moore replied, "If we got into series there might come a point when we would want to do that. But right now, there are no ancestors of anybody in the pilot."

From Gina: Stacey Keibler is headed for What About Brian? Is that true?
Yep! I sorta kinda think she and Brian would be an adorable couple—though, I am, of course, still missing Sarah Lancaster! Stacey also tells me she’s "doing two episodes of the George Lopez show, where I play George’s father-in-law’s fiancée, a gold digger." So, it doesn’t look like Brian will be taking up all of her time.

From Jared: So, J.D. and Kim are over on Scrubs?
Yeah, at least for now. I’m actually hearing J.D. briefly dates the hot new nanny of Carla and Turk’s baby. But it won’t last. Apparently, she’s hiding something scary. (Hairy back? Halitosis? What’s your guess?)

Okay, gang. That’s all the time we have for today. Unfortunately, because the next two Mondays are holidays and even we WWK worker bees and the production elves need a little time off, there will be no chat for the next two weeks. I tried to make up for it with a longer-ish chat today, but please know I will miss you. And also, please note that the column will still have updates, so check back when you can. Happy (holiday) tubing!

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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