Ashley Olsen

Did an overzealous Starbucks barista spike Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s coffee, wholesome milk?

That’s what OK! magazine is reporting, quoting a source who claims the barista at their West Village Starbucks “thought the Olsens were too thin, so whenever they ordered their usual drink, he would replace the skim milk with full-fat.”

Frankly, leaving aside the fact that we strongly disapprove of messing with people's food, the whole thing sounds too silly to be true. Or false. Actually, we can’t tell.

The Olsens' rep is quoted saying the story is “ridiculous.”

We contacted Starbucks, and they responded with the following:

“There are more than 87,000 different beverage combinations at Starbucks and our baristas handcraft every drink to order. Our promise to customers, as posted in our stores, is: Your drink should be perfect, every time. If not, let us know and we’ll make it right. We encourage all customers to hold us to that promise every time they visit Starbucks.”

True or not, we're sure that dull response was designed to get us to drink more coffee just to stay awake through the reading of it.

In any case, we have developed our own theory: This sounds less like some Village hipster and more like the work of someone’s meddling mama.

If this bossy barista also suggested they bundle up against the cold, take their vitamins and start dating nice doctors, well, we think we'll have our answer.


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