Sex and the City

Craig Blankenhorn/New Line Cinema

The movie that every woman I have ever met is waiting for hits theaters this weekend, and it'll have a big opening—but not that big. Sorry, uh, Mr. Big.

Sex and the City: The Movie has already sold out many theaters, likely to groups of girlfriends planning to down pink Cosmos afterward. But the flick faces a few problems opening weekend:

Indiana Jones isn't going anywhere, and should pull in another $40 million or $50 million. Also, Sex has a strong R rating, and R movies rarely open big. Lastly, the film appeals to an older audience, which doesn't feel like it has to see something opening weekend.

So look for the fabulous NYC foursome to pull in $34.2 million this weekend, which is still a number Mr. Big should be happy with.

What do you think? Vote and sound off in the comments. Oh, and single guys out there: Go to the movie theater and just hang out front!

Beat Ben—May 30, 2008
How much cash can Sex and the City snatch?
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