Pump the brakes!

In this clip from Sunday's all-new episode of WAGS Miami, Darnell Nicole is forced to press pause on her engagement party planning after her fiancé, Miami Dolphins safety Reshad Jones, reveals he wants to celebrate the milestone moment privately.

"I don't want to deal with all these girls I don't know, dudes I don't know," he tells her.

Darnell is shocked and confused by the sudden change. "I've already sent out the invitations," she replies. "I can't do that. It's so close to it. You can't just back out on me like that."

WAGS Miami 102


She continues, "You know how I am. I'm OCD about everything. I've planned everything out. That's something that you've got to say way before I start planning all of this stuff."

But despite Darnell's best efforts, Reshad refuses to compromise or reconsider his decision and his attitude makes her worry about their future marriage.

"I don't know what's going on in his head," she says, wondering, "Will he do this with our wedding? Does he even want to get married? I'm a little scared at this point."

Check out the sneak peek above!

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