WAGS Miami 101


These ladies seriously aren't holding back!

Last night's series premiere of WAGS Miami had an explosive ending as Ashley Nicole Roberts and Claudia Sampedro got into an argument after a misunderstanding spiraled way out of control. There was finger-pointing. There was name-calling. It wasn't pretty.

But with all of the drama that unfolded in just the very first episode, you can't help but wonder how their relationship will progress throughout the season. According to Ashley, it will be an extremely rough ride.

"You'll definitely see us trying to get along," she tells E! News exclusively. "We definitely struggle with that, and it's crazy because I think that we just have so much in common that I guess we bump heads because of it. We started off rocky, and I think we still have some hills to go up. It's still kind of up in the air."

Ashley also explains she wasn't proud that her confrontation with Claudia became so heated and got to such a volatile level.

"That almost physical thing was definitely a one-time thing for me," she says. "It was early on, and our emotions were high. I don't think either of us really wanted it to get that far. There won't be any other physical moments, but you will see us bumping heads. We struggled with our friendship throughout the season."

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