Did Jay Cutlerjust find his butcher shop? Maybe!

Kristin Cavallari's husband takes a big step toward making his store owner dreams a reality in this clip from Sunday's Very Cavallari season finale. Fans who watched last week's episode know Jay recently decided to move forward with a formerly backlogged plan to open a butcher shop with Mike Kubiesa—AKA Chef Mike—a family friend who lent some culinary knowledge to Kristin's True Roots cookbook and has appeared on the show several times before.

"The first time we had a conversation about the butcher shop was actually years ago," Kristin tells the Very Cavallari camera. But now, "he's putting in the effort to make it happen."  

The new clip sees Jay and Mike scouting out locations for their future business. (The "meat master palace," as Jay's colleague puts it.) With help from real estate agent Hiram, the guys find themselves touring a 1,300-square-foot contemporary space that Jay's wife is really excited about. Naturally, minutes after they've entered the storefront, Kristin walks in.

"Wow, this is cool," she notes before turning to Jay. "Do you like it?"

"Yeah," her hubby nods. "It's the first one we looked at."

"I know, but it's exciting! This is a big deal," Kristin insists, adding that "this could be Cuts," which for the record, is her pitch for Jay's company name. "Like, how fun would it be for you to have an office to go to every day? Get to put together your little outfits, come and shake some hands…"

"Put together my outfits?" Jay laughs quietly, but his wife sees past the poker face.

"Jay's way of showing excitement is a little different than most people. He's not overly expressing how excited he is," Kristin explains during a confessional. "But I can just tell. Just the look in his eye or the way he talks about things…I can tell he's excited."

With such a promising office space on the table, he certainly has reason to be. Check out Jay's (possible) new digs in the clip above!

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