Nikki Bella is single and ready to mingle...well, sort of.

On tonight's all-new Total Divas, after being harassed by the paparazzi while on a girls trip to Miami for Nattie Neidhart and Nia Jax's birthdays, Nikki decided to let her guard down and have some fun.

"The paparazzi are hounding us everywhere we are going. I'm not gonna lie, I don't know how to handle it. I'm in Miami for Nia and Nattie's birthday. I wanna relax and do it privately," Nikki confessed.

Private turned public real quick when Nikki decided to give the paparazzi something to photograph.

"We have this hot hired bartender, so I thought it would be really funny to flirt with him to you know, like, start some rumors," Nikki revealed to the camera.

The rest of the ladies joined in on the fun, dancing, drinking and giving the photographers quite the show.

Nikki Bella, Total Divas 806


Nikki helped the girls put on a show of their own, splitting up in to two teams coached by dance experts Sharna Burgess and Brinn Nicole, the girls competed in a birthday dance-off.

"I just know for a fact because how I felt with Dancing With the Stars, these girls are really gonna love it once they perform their dance live," Nikki promised.

For Nattie, the dance-off was less about winning and more about the experience.

"Brie and Nicole and I, we've been so focused on our dance routine. We've been preparing carefully. Win or lose, this has been one of the most memorable birthdays of my life," Nattie gushed.

Team Nattie kicked off the dance, but it was Nia's team who really stole the stage and were crowned the official birthday dance-off winners.

"Come on, did you really think that we were gonna lose?" Nia joked to the camera. "Honestly, this has been the most epic birthday I've ever had."

The birthday surprises didn't stop there. Brie Bella had a little something up her sleeve too.

While out to dinner, Brie decided give a homesick Nia and Nattie a little taste of home by flying their moms out to Miami.

"Oh my god," Nia gasped as she turned around to see the drinks they ordered were not being delivered by a waiter, but by her and Nattie's mom instead.

"I'm so beyond blessed in my life," a tearful Nia gushed. "I get to have this job, it's a dream job and I get to live out my dream everyday. None of this would be possible without my mom. I'm just so grateful to her." 

Seeing Nia and Nattie with their moms really hit home for Brie.

"Now that I'm a mom, I see these two daughters reacting to their moms like this, it just makes me see how special a mother-daughter relationship is and how it will always be this special. I just love that," Brie said.

After a weekend of drinks, dance-offs, fancy dinners and cars, it was that surprise that earned Brie the top spot as the Miami birthday trip surprise queen and had Nia and Nattie calling it "one of the best birthdays" of their lives.

See all the birthday shenanigans go down in the recap video above!

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