Shining bright like a diamond! 

Trinity Fatu has worked hard to create an image that shines—literally! On this week's episode of Total Divas, she's trying to take things to a whole new level. "I found this company to put some glow on my title," Trinity shares with her husband Jimmy Uso. "I think it's worth it to have the first ever title that glows."

Even though she'll have to ship it out herself, she's willing to do it to make history. "I come out to a completely dark entrance. My hair is glowing, I have glowing shades, I have glowing shoes," Trinity explains. "Then you look at my waist where the championship is and it's just black. I'm the champion but you can't see that until the lights come on. That's the one thing you really need to see." 

Luckily, Jimmy is super supportive. So supportive that he offers to put some glow on it himself! "Trin, I'll get some Christmas lights out of the garage. Get some sticky tape," Jimmy jokes. "You come out looking like The Grinch Stole Christmas!"

But Trinity is not amused. "I don't want no ratchet looking title," Trinity explains. "It has got to be done right and its got to look good when the lights are on it."

Watch the video above for all the action! 

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