Birdie has some new babysitters! 

Brie Bella is loving being a new mommy but it can definitely get tiring sometimes. Lucky for her, she has some of the best friends in the world to help watch over her little one while she and Daniel Bryan get some much needed alone time. 

"It's really been great being a mom but I'm so tired," Brie revealed. "I don't even care if Bryan and I just drive around the block. It's just nice to think we're gonna have just time alone." Are Nattie Neidhart and Trinity Fatu up for the challenge?

Turns out babysitting is a little harder than it looks. After Brie explains Birdie's many needs and how exactly to take care of her, the women are feeling a little bit overwhelmed. "There is just so much that goes into watching a baby," Nattie shares.  

Trinity seems like she may be a little bit more prepared when it comes to babies. "I never said that I was a baby whisperer," Nattie shares. "But Trin loves babies, Trin wants a baby, Trin acts like a baby sometimes." 

See the funny moment in the clip above! 

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