Brie Bella and Maryse are reuniting after three years of silence.

On Wednesday's season six premiere of Total Divas, Brie comes face to face with her former friend and roommate, WWE superstar Maryse. While the two used to be on good terms, a business deal between Brie, Maryse and Nikki Bella lead to a "huge falling out" between Brie and Maryse and now there's major tension between them.

"Maryse and I were friends at work," Brie explains in the clip above. "And there was a little part of our time we lived together, even though we never saw each other. But her and I had a huge falling out about three and a half years ago due to Maryse thinking that I blocked opportunities from her."

Brie goes on to explain, "Maryse, Nicole and myself got offered a really great work opportunity. Unfortunately they decided they only wanted my sister and I. Now, business is business, but somewhere along the line Maryse thought my sister and I blocked her from a contract."

Maryse and Brie haven't seen each other since their falling out, so when they're reunited at dinner with Renee Young and Paige, Maryse confronts Brie about the business deal.

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"You made a pact with me, I had a contract in front of me, I said no because you wanted more," Maryse says to Brie. "And then my friends did not look at me, call me, text me for three and a half years…that is not OK."

Brie tells Maryse that what she's saying is "not true" and tries to explain her side of the story.

"Let's just hear from Brie, let's hear from Brie," Renee says.

"And you took the friendship away, now I'm done you can go," Maryse tells Brie.

How does Brie respond?

Take a look at the clip above to find out and to see Brie explain why her husband Daniel Bryan "never enjoyed" Maryse!

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