John Cena is doing everything he can to get Nikki Bella back, including making a plea for their love on the Today Show.

In this clip from Sunday's all-new Total Bellas, Nikki opens up to sister Brie Bella about her conflicting feelings for her ex.

"It's kinda confusing right now watching John's interview on the Today show because last we talked, that pretty much was it. If I wanna be a mom, there's no John," Nikki confesses to the camera.

After watching the interview, Brie seems to think John's still holding out hope for a happy ending.

"I just think that in that interview John could've went two different ways. He could've said, you know, 'This was a beautiful relationship. I learned a lot, but we're going our separate ways.' Or he could say what he did say," Brie tells her sister.

Nikki Bella, Total Bellas 305


"It's just so weird not seeing him or not talking to him and then seeing him on the Today show and like talking about things," Nikki admits.

 Despite John's public display of affection, Nikki still isn't ready to budge on being a mom.

"But I love him so much," Nikki gushes. "That's why you gotta to talk to him Nicole," Brie urges. "It's just so hard. I just wanna be a mom," Nikki moans.

See Nikki react to John's plea in the clip above.

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