The Bella Twins are back and this time, everyone's all in one place!

On Sunday's season premiere of Total Bellas, the crew returns home to San Diego to set up shop for Birdie Bee. On top of managing their growing businesses, Nikki Bella has a wedding to plan and the pressure is on as time ticks closer to her big day. 

"Having this moment right now with John and being engaged and just talking about our wedding that I never would have thought would've happened and it's like, life is great," Nikki gushed.

In an effort to bring John Cena and Nikki's family together, Nikki agreed to having the wedding in West Newbury, Mass. where John is from. And while it seems like Nikki is completely on board with the family-filled East Coast wedding, it's not long before the idea of walking down the aisle in a Napa Valley vineyard began pulling at her heartstrings and at Brie Bella's nerves.

"When I hear my sister say that her and John are going to get married in West Newbury, I'm thinking, 'More sacrifices you're making for John,'" an annoyed Brie said.

"It's always been my dream, but I know John really just wants to get married in his hometown," Nikki insisted.

That dream became real when the twins stepped into a beautiful vineyard in Napa while checking in on their Belle Radici wine line.

"You could have them illuminate the vines on the outside and do candles on the trail back," one of the twins' wine partners offered.

"Nicole, what does your heart say right now?" Brie asked. "Well, I mean, duh," Nikki swooned.

And you can bet Brie pushed the issue throughout their time in the Northern California oasis.

"I honestly could live here," Nikki admitted to her sister. "Couldn't you get married here too?" Brie pushed. "Give it up, you're so annoying," Nikki told her sister.

"I don't understand why you have to walk on eggshells with him with this wedding. It's like absolutely ridiculous," Brie scoffed.

"No, it's been a lot of fun so don't make it negative," Nikki replied. "Sometimes you just tiptoe around John to not make him angry and I think that's bulls--t," Brie said.

"What I really want is to get married so I'm not going to ruin that," the bride-to-be insisted. "You have made a lot of sacrifices. It's about time John started making some," Brie snapped back.

It's not just the wedding location Nikki was sacrificing, she also agreed to give up having babies to be with John, who has openly said he doesn't want to be a father.

"I was like 100 percent OK not being a mom and then Birdie just gets cuter by the day," Nikki revealed to her sister. "Does it make you want to be a mom?" Brie prodded. "I mean, yeah, of course," Nikki responded.

"Have you brought it up to John again?" Brie asked. "Yeah," Nikki confirmed. "What did he say?" Brie pried. "Absolutely not," a tearful Nikki responded.

Brie was sure there was someone else out there who could give her sister everything she wants and deserves.

"It's such a load of s--t. Nicole, what the f--k are you doing? There is someone else out there that will marry you and give you babies," the new mom yelled. "Someplace in your heart you just have to be like, 'I love you, you're a great man, you're just not for me.'"

John's busy schedule coupled with his absolute resistance to have kids made Nikki realize just how lonely she was in her relationship.

"I'm alone a lot," the WWE star admitted. "And I'm alone in these big beautiful homes which you're like, ‘Gosh, these homes are unreal.' But to be honest, since we've gotten engaged, John and I have probably shared our bed together maybe 30 days total out of like six months. Or 40 days."

You'd think having her family around would make Nikki feel better, but all the talk of babies and growing families only made it worse. 

Watch the recap video above to see everything that went down in this week's season premiere!

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