Mama Bella wants the truth!

In this sneak peek from tonight's episode of Total Bellas, Nikki Bella is shocked to learn her mother, Kathy Colace, thinks she's having an affair and cheating on John Cena with the mystery man who was walking around her villa in a towel. Spoiler alert: It was just her brother, J.J. Garcia.

"Mom called me," Brie Bella tells her sister. "I think she's crazy, but, you know, I have to tell you everything. But, mom thinks you're cheating on John."

"What?!" Nikki exclaims. "With who?!"

During an earlier phone call with Brie and Daniel Bryan (real name Bryan Danielson), Kathy explained her suspicions.

"So, Brie, master of secrets, I wanted to go over to Nicole's, so we FaceTimed," she said. "And, like, this dude walks by in a towel."

"You're insinuating that she may be cheating on John?!" Bryan asked, further stoking the fire.

"That's exactly what she's trying to say," Brie responded.

"There was a guy in a towel, like, walking in the background," Brie says to Nikki. "So, what's up?"

But Nikki isn't able to come clean and spill the beans because she's already promised to keep J.J.'s marriage separation a secret.

"Well, I can't tell you," she says to Brie. Uh-oh!

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