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It was an extremely emotional episode of Total Bellas.

On Wednesday's show, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan both broke down in tears while talking about his health and moving on from his WWE career.

Brie recently opened up about Bryan's depression battle and after Bryan found out that he can "never compete again" in the WWE ring, he decided to move out of Nikki Bella and John Cena's house. Bryan wanted to go home alone without Brie so he could have some time alone, but Brie decided on this episode to leave Florida and join Bryan at home in Phoenix.

Take a look at the recap to find out what happened when Brie returned home, see what Bryan said about his battle with depression and see more shocking moments from this episode of Total Bellas!

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1. Brie Thinks John Took Nikki Away From Her:

After their argument in the pool, Nikki and Brie have a talk about their relationship. During their heart to heart, Brie explains to her sister, "I understand you keep saying Bryan took me away from you, Bryan's changed me. But I honestly feel that John has taken you from me."

Brie continues, "And I know I'm not that vocal, I'm very quiet with what I feel, but honestly I think John took you away."

After Brie's confession Nikki says, "It's the first time I've ever heard my sister say this. I just realize I have to involve my sister more in my life and I think she realizes she needs to do the same. But we need to be honest with each other and have more of these heart to hearts cause...I don't know you realize so much more about your sibling or your other half when you do."

Brie Bella, Total Bellas, Total Bellas 105


2. Brie Leaves Florida to Be With Bryan:

When Bryan moved back home to Phoenix, he told Brie he wanted to go by himself so he could have some alone time. But after he leaves, Brie realizes she needs to be with her husband and decides to leave Florida.

"I have to go, I have to go back to Bryan," Brie says. "He needs me home."

Brie then reveals that a psychologist is coming to the house to meet with Bryan and then they're going to meet with another doctor to talk about his health.

3. Bryan Breaks Down in Tears:

When Brie returns home to Phoenix, she and Bryan have a very emotional conversation.

"There's still a small chance that that test was an anomaly, right?" Bryan asks Brie about the test that revealed he can't wrestle again.

"Bryan they gave you one percent chance," Brie replies. "Do you really feel that there's a chance it could be wrong?"

"I mean I'm not saying I'm coming back, but if there's a chance, there's a chance, right?" Bryan asks.

Brie explains that he's been to a lot of doctors and she supports him but she thinks he needs to look at the larger picture.

Watch the clip above to see Bryan break down in tears!

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4. John & Nikki's Dog Winston Has "Ruined" Their Date Nights:

While out with John and her brother JJ, Nikki asks John if their dog Winston has "ruined" their date nights.

"Full disclosure?" John asks. "Yeah, of course."

John explains, "The need to attend to the dog is a giant obligation of time."

When they couple got the dog, Nikki admits that she didn't realize that the dog would make date nights "harder."

JJ then explains to Nikki that John could see the dog as their child, and John has said on many occasions that he doesn't want to have kids.

"I guess there could totally be a part of me that when I got Winston I was like, you know maybe this will make John want to have kids," Nikki admits. "And that's honestly done the complete opposite. But I don't even care because that's my child."

5. Brie Cries Talking About Bryan's Health:

Before the start of their magazine photo shoot, Brie and JJ's wife Lauren talk about Bryan's health. Brie explains that they've been meeting with "a lot of doctors" and he seems "a little bit better."

She continues, "It's been very hard for Bryan to adjust to life without wrestling and I think he's been holding a lot of confusion in, he's been feeling a lot of things that he doesn't want to tell me because he's trying to deal with it on his own. I'm like, this is just a roadblock."

Brie then starts to cry and says, "I'm coming to the end of my career and it's like this is supposed to be the happiest time for me to really enjoy the ending. But like I literally have three weeks left in my career that I've just worked my ass off for the last nine years and it's like I'm trying so hard to enjoy it but I can't because I see him and I feel so bad."

She then explains that "timing is perfect" because Bryan "needs" her home, but she has "all these emotions" and she's "trying so hard to stay strong."

Brie then says that she made the right decision coming home and Bryan is getting the help he needs and it's "great" to see that there's a "fresh beginning starting."

Daniel Bryan, Total Bellas, Total Bellas 105


6. Bryan Opens Up About His Battle:

When talking about his health Bryan says, "I'm having a really hard time with this retirement thing and not having wrestling. But I'm doing my best to come out of this."

He continues, "I think whatever you have in your life, my opinion is that if you know that there's something wrong, you try to fix it. Not just for yourself, but for Brie, for potential kids, for my mom, for my sister, for my nieces, like all of that."

7. Johnny Tells Nikki & JJ That Kathy Found Lump in Her Breast:

Even though Kathy was against telling her kids about the lump she found in her breast a day before their wedding, Johnny puts her health first and tells Nikki and JJ.

Nikki then confronts her mom with the news and demands that she goes to get it checked immediately. The two then go to see a doctor and Kathy reveals that it's been six weeks since she discovered the lump in her breasts.

We'll have to wait until next week's episode to find out the results of Kathy's exam!

Total Bellas Season 3 premieres Thursday 24 May at 7pm in Australia, only on E!

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