Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart, The Tonight Show


The last time Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart hung out, the dynamic duo hit up an amusement park so Fallon could see how poorly Hart handles roller coasters.

The segment was nothing short of hilarious, with Hart reduced to tears and shrieks because of his roller coaster phobia. This time, however, Fallon and Hart visited New York City's haunted house Blood Manor and it was The Tonight Show host who couldn't cope.

"I do not like being scared," Fallon admitted before they entered the attraction. "I'm for real scared."

Feeling confident, Hart said out loud to the invisible, but certainly looming monsters, "You can jump out at me if you want to, but you'll get a boo to the neck."

Let the adventure begin.

Before Fallon and Hart even went through the start of the manor, a zombie came out of nowhere and jumped at them. 

Fallon immediately started screaming and set the tone for the rest of the haunted house. Fortunately for the viewers, these two were wearing GoPro cameras so everything was recorded, including their petrified faces.

As they made their way through Blood Manor, they both continued to comment on the pitch-black darkness. "I don't like this dark s--t," Hart screamed as a hidden zombie grabs their legs.

Fallon and Hart tried to get through the house as quickly as possible but struggled because of all the monsters sneaking up on them. Despite Hart's confidence at the start of the haunted house, his fear overtook him. As a result, he passed some gas. "Jimmy I farted," Hart confessed. "I had gas."

Even though these two were in it together until the end, the What Now? actor had no qualms about throwing Fallon under the bus. "Jimmy's got all the cash," Hart told the monsters, bargaining with them in exchange for freedom (spoiler: they don't let him out).

Eventually Hart and Fallon make it through strobe lights, zombies, ghouls and more, but not without their fair share of shrieks. But if you ask Hart, he was never scared.

"If you guys watch this at any point and it looks like I was afraid, I'm an actor," Hart quipped. "That's me acting."

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