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The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

When Pink appeared on NBC's The Tonight Show Monday, host Jimmy Fallon recalled meeting her 4-year-old daughter, Willow Hart, backstage before the show. "She's so cute and so polite," he said. Pink, 36, joked, "If she was a cereal I'd call her Nutty Delicious. She's nutty! She's crazy."

Fallon showed a photo of Willow on a motocross bike next to her dad, retired racer Carey Hart. "That was right after she got done saying, 'Dad, I wish you'd move so I could go fast,'" Pink said. Willow takes after her mom, too. "She does silks as well...the ribbon I hang from occasionally."

"Do you feel like you have to do that now when you go to do concerts?" Jimmy asked the singer, who is known for using aerial silks. Pink replied, "I like to do. My mom asks me that. 'Are you ever going to stay on the ground?' No, why would I? 'You could be so pretty if you tried.'"

Pink was on the show to promote UNICEF Kid Power Bands.

"This unlocks points. It's for anybody, really, but hopefully for kids for Christmas. Yay! It's at Target. You unlock points, and for every 10 points that you get—you unlock it by moving—so one in four kids in America are inactive and one in four kids globally are malnourished," she said. "So, the more points you unlock you unlock therapeutic food packets for a child in need."

"It gets kids moving but it's also empowering because they get to help themselves. It's creating global citizens, kids in America that care about kids in other countries. It's pretty awesome," the "Sober" singer said, later adding, "It's super-duper fun and we're very competitive at my house."

Later, when Jimmy asked Pink if she's working on new music, she got coy. "Sort of. Maybe. I don't know. I'm not sure," she said." So what is she working on? "I'm in charge of the bake sale on Saturday. I'm really good at it." Asked what she plans to make for Willow's classmates, the pop star joked, "This year I'm going to probably a deli in New York. I mean, normally I bake, but I'm getting home on Friday and it's on Saturday, so I want to throw it down in the bakery."

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights at 11:35.

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