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Sam Heughan has some disappointing news for William Shatner

When Daniel Craig officially bows out as the longest-running James Bond after 2020's No Time to Die, an iconic character will soon need a new face—and some stars are crossing their fingers. While the wait is on for who will nab the coveted Tinseltown role, Shatner has voiced his vote. 

"I'm hoping @SamHeughan is going to be. Been saying it for years and now people are actually thinking it!" the veteran star tweeted last month. 

Not so fast, Shatner! When Jimmy Fallonasked Heughan if there's any truth to the murmurings, the Outlander star didn't have the answer some people might have been looking for. 

"I can reveal right now that I…am not James Dond, no," he teased. "I'm waiting for the call...still waiting for the call."

The actor further quipped,  "I haven't been told I'm not."

He and Fallon were on the same page. "Dude, you and me both," the late-night host joked. 

However, they both acknowledged the Scotland native would be the first since Sean Conneryto put on the suit. 

"I think it would be definitely time," Heughan said, "for another Scottish Bond."

We'd toast to that—shaken, not stirred, of course. 

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