Big news, everyone.

We finally re-negotiated Lou's contract and he's going to make us some more Clip of the Week intros. Now here's the fun part: you get to decide what they will be.


Where would you like to see Lou appear? Game of Thrones? Ok. Dexter? Why not. Drunk on Pinot Grigio at 10am with Kathy Lee and Hoda? You got it. We'll start feeding him wine right now. Think big, people. The sky (and a modest budget) are the limit!

How can you get your amazing idea to us? Glad you asked. Leave a comment below with your idea OR send us a message on Facebook OR tweet @TheSoup with the hashtag #LouClips OR call us on the phone (our number is 1-800-CMON-WE-ARE-NOT-GOING-TO-GIVE-YOU-OUR-NUMBER). 

We will look through all the ideas, pick the best ones and make them. Maybe you'll get to see your idea on The Soup. Plus, if you're the first person to think of it you might even get an on air shout out as well as a t-shirt (if we can find you) BONUS!

Get thinking, you guys. Lou isn't getting any younger.

So leave your ideas in the comment section below of hit us up on Facebook. Don't hold back.

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