Well this is the most delightful thing we've seen in some time. If someone wrongs you on the road in Canada, you only get kind of mad. And if a policeman sees your maoderate anger playing out, he's only kind of hard on you about it. Oh, Canada. You are as sweet as the maple syrup which is your only viable export (As far as I know. I haven't looked it up).

"C'mon BOYS!"

In Canada, road rage is referred to as "Road Polite Disagreement Where Nobody Gets Their Feelings Hurt."

Apparently CBC was doing an interview with this policeman when they spotted a "road rage" incident below. If the entire world were Canada it would be a much better place. It would be super boring and cold as f*ck, but a better place. If this had happened in America everyone in this video would be dead. And then your weird uncle who you are for some reason friends with on facebook would write a really long-winded racist status update about it.

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