Here's what you might have missed while you were in Washington stocking up on rainbow 420 flags in the ‘Weed n Gay Marriages, Etc.' store. (Don't even go in without a 20% off coupon!)

From The Soup TV:

TV Guide Cards Soup

John Travolta and Olivia Newton John hopelessly devoted themselves to a cringe-worthy two-step in their new, optimistically titled song: I Think You Might Like It.

We met soprano superstars Lexy and Stephany, who disabled their Youtube comments for a reason.

DMX's Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer inspired us to orchestrate an artistic collaboration.

INFO buttons are now obsolete, since we have all the 2-5 word TV descriptions you need.

Kate Middleton's crowning...a new baby. We have the registry right here!

From Around the Web:

Grumpy Cat Soup

Pizza Hut released a new perfume that has top notes of "freshly baked dough." It's perfect for a night out – just tell your date to bring the crane when they pick you up.

The Pope joined Twitter on Monday but hasn't tweeted anything yet. This can only mean one thing: the Pope hasn't pooped since Monday!!

Ke$ha responded to Teen Mom's Jenelle missing a jail sentence for her concert: "Go grrrl don't let the man hold you down! We R Who We R!!!!" Yes Ke$ha, and U R an A$s.

Carly Rae Jepsen received two Grammy nominations for "Call Me Maybe." Apparently there's a new category for "Best Song That Makes Death Not Seem Quite So Bad."

And finally, a kangaroo and a dog making out. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM US, INTERNET?!

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