Here's the bold, and now seriously trending pose Angelina Jolie struck onstage at the Oscars. It's the same stance she took on the red carpet, at the after-party, and probably thirty-six years ago in her mother's womb. It's hard not to cringe, imagining her at home striking this pose in the mirror, with Brad in the background wondering to himself, "Is she going to be doing that all night?"

Following Angelina's Public Display of Legection (the new term for "leg ejection", starting now), Academy Award Winner and Community actor Jim Rash took the stage and mimicked her pose. Rash says he did it out of love, and that's what the rest of her leg's fans are doing now, too.

Angie and Dean X2 Soup

Versace is currently in talks with Jolie, and together they're working on a garter that doubles as a Baby Bjorn.

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