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Ariana Grande, Dangerous Woman


God is a woman!

Ariana Grande has proven time and again that her music videos are works of art and this year she's put out some of her best yet.

The 25-year-old singer is a finalist in four different categories for the 2018 E! People's Choice Awards including, Female Artist of 2018, Album of 2018, and Song of 2018, and its partially thanks to her amazing music videos.

In fact, her video for "No Tears Left to Cry" has also earned her a spot as a finalist in the Music Video of 2018 contest, and the recognition was definitely well-deserved.

The video opened with an iconic scene of the singer walking on walls and the ceiling in an elegant gown, but that was just one of the many memorable moments from Grande's music videos over the years.

To celebrate the artist's multiple finalist nods, we decided to revisit her most captivating videos and songs below. You're welcome!

In her videos, Grande has gotten hot and sweaty with Nicki Minaj, fired missiles from her chest, embodied a higher power, and even watched the end of the world unfold, all of which were pretty fun to watch.

While the "No Tears Left to Cry" video is what made her a finalist in the star-studded category, as music lovers—and avid Arianators—we believe all of her videos should still get some of the spotlight.

So, we made it easy for all of you Grande fans out there and gathered up some of the singer's most fierce, flawless, and fabulous music videos throughout her career below.

After all, revisiting these epic clips is sure to make you even more excited to see how the pop princess fares at the PCAs.

So, be sure to set those DVRs for Sunday, Nov. 11 and then cast your vote below for your favorite Grande video ever.

"No Tears Left to Cry"

This was Grande's first video from her fourth studio album, Sweetener, and it certainly set the bar high for the rest of the release. In the video, the singer sports bleach-blonde hair as she explores a world that is constantly shifting and turning. As the video continues, the artist is seen dancing on the sides of skyscrapers and creating a stunning visual that fans can't help but love.


This 2014 hit featuring Iggy Azalea skyrocketed to number two on the charts and the video itself is as hypnotic as the track is catchy. The star is seen dancing around in a sparkly black dress and knee-high white boots while a mesmerizing hypno spiral spins in the background. Eventually, Grande trades the dark sequined number for a cozy white sweater and lays down on the rotating design as she belts out those high notes.

"Break Free"

In the video for her wildly popular collaboration with Zedd, the superstar whisks us away on an "inconceivable outer space adventure," as the opening credits can attest. Grande—donning metallic bodysuits—fights off aliens on a far away planet and rescues her imprisoned background dancers. To celebrate, they have a dance party DJ'ed by the Russian-German producer.

"The Way"

This song and video marked Grande's progression away from the bubblegum pop and transition her sound to a more adult style. The song, which was the lead single off her debut album, featured the late Mac Miller. Throughout the clip, Grande poses for pictures with Miller, who she went on to date years later, while they play with balloons together. The video ends with the two sharing a sweet kiss.

"Side to Side"

Working out has never looked hotter thanks to this video. In the clip, Grande and her squad of badass female dancers all hit the spin bikes in revealing exercise outfits to perform full choreography. The singer and her squad laugh and snap towels while dancing around the gym. Afterward, the pop princess hits the showers with Minaj, and the fierce friends proceed to steam up the sauna.

"One Last Time"

Grande reunites with her Victorious co-star Matt Bennett, in the apocalyptic video for One Last Time. The video shows the two experiencing the beginning of the end of the world together. The camera follows Grande as she makes her way through crowds of panicking people, fights off a scary survivalist, and watches meteors plummet towards Earth.

"God is a Woman"

Grande is God in this video. For this video, the artist sits atop the world, controlling the clouds with her hands. She makes a statement about the unfair criticism women take in society, posing as The Thinker while fielding insults hurled at her by men. The video also shows the singer covered in purple, pink, and blue body paint while floating in an ethereal pool of color. As if that wasn't enough, Grande even lip-syncs a monologue of Madonna paraphrasing a biblical passage. What more could you want?


Grande is all about sexual empowerment in her videos, but that message really shines through in this Future collaboration piece. Throughout the clip, the songstress applauds as various couples of all ages and backgrounds get it on in public. The musician cheers happily as lovebirds do the dirty on top of cars, in the office, at the laundromat, and on the bus. 

"Dangerous Woman"

The 25-year-old singer caught everyone by surprise in the video for the title track of her third studio album when she flaunted her fab figure in lacy black lingerie while belting out the bluesy ballad. The most iconic part of this video however, is that the artist ditched her signature hairstyle—that famous high ponytail—and instead opted to wear her long locks completely down...middle part and all!

"Santa Tell Me"

In 2014, Grande decided to try her hand at releasing a holiday song, and it didn't disappoint! The singer frolics around a mansion in the clip, dancing in a Christmas sweater, having pillow fights in a onesie, and chowing down on winter treats. Watching her fall to the ground laughing while wearing reindeer antlers on her head and a gift bow on her butt looks like so much fun, we wish every day was a holiday!

"Into You"

As the lyrics to the 2016 bop suggest, Grande gets scandalous in this video. The star ditches her famous boyfriend in the clip in exchange for a sexy affair with her bodyguard. The two skip out on a stuffy gala where the artist's beau is getting touchy with another woman, and take off on a motorcycle for a remote motel where they kiss, cuddle, and laugh.


Years before dying her hair for real, Grande teased the pale pigment in this music video. The cool video shows the songbird dancing in a purple box, flaunting her silhouette in a glowing ring of light, and even trying her hand at playing the trumpet. The artist also shows off her dancing chops, nailing some killer moves in a starry black number with boots and gloves to match.

Now it's time to decide...which of the singer's music videos is the most iconic? Vote below!

Ariana Grande's Most Iconic Music Videos
Which Ariana Grande music video is the most memorable?

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