Cake-sitting! It's exactly what it sounds like.

"Girls are…sitting on cakes," Becca Tobin explains in this enlightening clip from Sunday's new LADYGANG, which sees the women filming a "fetish video" for Becca's husband Zach inspired by the dessert-themed ones they've seen floating around the internet.

"We're ready Becca!" Keltie Knight—the "director" of this operation to Jac Vanek's producer, as she proudly tells the camera—calls out. "Let's go!"

At her friend's cue, Becca enters the room donning an all-black lingerie set and a mostly-finished glass of wine.

"Do I smell cake?" she quips, before promptly making her way over to the wooden stool Keltie and Jac had already garnished with the video's primary prop. Once the iPhone cameras are rolling, Becca's in the zone. She poses with the cake, licks a utensil, throws it away.

"Oh, yeah! Who needs a fork?" Keltie yells from the sidelines, stage-mom style.

"Do a lean-over!" Jac suggests, and her subject obliges.

"If this is something that Zach is into, we could do this instead of sex forever," Becca says after.

Think he'll be down? Evaluate the appeal for yourself in the clip above!

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