It was an explosive Keeping Up With the Kardashians season finale!

On Sunday's episode, Rob Kardashian told Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick that he and Blac Chyna were living separately.

A shocked Khloe then admitted that she was "so disappointed" that the couple was spending time apart.

"A baby doesn't fix any situation," Khloe said on the episode. "So I think Rob and Chyna have a lot of things to work on."

After hearing this news Kim even asked Rob, "Wait are you and Chyna still engaged?"

How did Rob respond?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see more shocking moments from the season 12 finale of KUWTK!

Kris Jenner, KUWTK, KUWTK 1221


1. Kris Jenner Gets Into a Car Accident:

Khloe and Kylie Jenner are spending time together when they find out that Kris Jenner was in a car accident. The two girls rush to get to Kris, who had just been at a meeting with them earlier.

Luckily, Kris is able to walk away from the accident although she says it was "so scary."

"It happened so fast, you don't have time to think about anything, you just brace yourself for impact," Kris says. "Within minutes my kids sprang to my side, which comforted me so much because in an instant your life can change."

When Kris arrives back at her house, Kim, Kanye West and Scott all show up to make sure she's OK.

She explains to them, "I'm going along the road and I'm driving, the light's green, not going fast, he thought he could make it and then right behind him the other dude decides to do the same thing! And I'm just sitting there going holy s--t! So I just hung on for dear life and closed my eyes. Totaled that car is done."

"It's just a car, we'll buy a new one, we can't buy a new mommy," Khloe says as she hugs Kris.

2. Kim Takes Over as Her Sisters' Manager:

While Kris is recovering from her accident, Kim agrees to take over as her sisters' manager.

"I mean I've joked a lot that I could be my sisters' manager better than my mom could be," Kim says. "I think that I do give a lot of good creative input and I know they listen, so I feel like I could totally handle this."

Take a look at the video above to see what Kim has to say about taking over for her mom!

Kim Kardashian, KUWTK, KUWTK 1221


3. Kim & Khloe Ask Rob About His Relationship With Chyna:

While hanging out with Rob and Scott, Kim and Khloe ask Rob about his relationship with Chyna.

"How are you and Chyna?" Khloe asks.

"We don't live together," Rob replies.

"You're not together?" Khloe asks.

Rob explains that he's not "super comfortable" at her house and she's not "super comfortable" at his house.

Khloe asks Rob if they'll move in together after the baby is born and Rob says he doesn't know.

After hearing this Khloe says, "I thought Rob and Chyna were getting better and I'm so disappointed that they're spending time apart. A baby doesn't fix any situation, so I think Rob and Chyna have a lot of things to work on. Hopefully with a baby involved, maybe that would motivate Rob to try a little harder and to do things a little differently."

Kim then asks Rob, "Wait are you and Chyna still engaged?"

"I mean I don't expect to get no ring back if we weren't, I'm not trippin'," Rob says.

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4.  Khloe Confronts Kim After She Misses an Important Meeting:

Kim sets up a meeting for Khloe's fitness backpack that she wants to launch, but when the day of the meeting arrives, Kim is MIA. When Khloe calls Kim, Kim says she's actually running to a meeting for Kylie, which leaves Khloe frustrated.

After Kim misses the meeting, Khloe confronts her sister.

When Kim says that she can't be "in two places at once," Khloe tells her sister, "don't f--king double book!"

Khloe explains that she didn't follow through, "I don't really know why you're taking over for mom when you're just like mom."

Kim apologizes to Khloe and tells her that she'll definitely be there next time and she'll call and get a meeting report.

The two then realize that the "moral of the story" is that their mom needs a team of people helping her, because it's hard for one person to do all of the work on their own.

5. Scott Says Rob Will Be an "Unbelievable" Dad:

After seeing Rob take care of kids at daddy daycare, Scott realizes that Rob is going to be an "unbelievable" dad. 

"You know there's definitely a couple of things that Rob still needs to learn, but that's the key word, he can learn them," Scott says. "But at the end of the day he definitely has the heart of a parent and I think he's gonna be an unbelievable one."

6.  Kim Wants Rob to "Figure Out How to Be a Partner" to Chyna:

After learning that Rob and Chyna are "fighting again," Kim calls Chyna to see what they should do about the baby shower they were planning. That's when Chyna tells Kim that they should just have the shower be for Rob and that she "totally" understands.

"I love that Chyna is so understanding and has this great idea that we'll just make the shower for Rob," Kim says. "But I just want my brother to figure out how to be a partner, the drama has got to stop."

Kim Kardashian, KUWTK, KUWTK 1221


7. Rob Skips His Baby Shower:

After talking to Chyna, the Kardashians set up a baby shower at Kourtney's house just for Rob and to celebrate him. But when Rob finds out, he calls Kim and tells her he's not coming.

"Kim I'm not coming to the shower if Chyna's not coming," Rob tells Kim on the phone. "What were you guys even thinking? I don't even want to talk about this anymore."

After hearing that Rob's not coming Kim says it's "crazy."

"I mean this is crazy, Rob is accusing us of not being supportive of him and Chyna and all we're doing is trying to be supportive," Kim says. "And we're trying to just do whatever he wants. We thought he wanted a shower with her, then we thought he didn't want the shower with her, so we tried to do it for him and then he gets mad and doesn't show up."

Kim then says she can't "tip toe" anymore, "I've had it."



8. Rob Apologizes After Baby Shower Misunderstanding:

After realizing he misunderstood the situation, Rob calls Kris to apologize.

"I know it's been a few days since the shower, but I heard why Chyna wasn't there," Rob says. "I'm so sorry that I messed everything up for the shower."

Rob then tells Kris that he has a "little surprise" for her and when Kris goes downstairs she sees that Rob sent her balloons that spell, "I love you mom."

After Rob apologizes, the Kardashians have Rob and Chyna, who have stopped fighting, over to Kourtney's house so they can give the couple all of their baby shower gifts.

When Khloe asks Rob why he didn't go to the shower, Rob explains that it was all a misunderstanding.

"Pretty much it was a misunderstanding and I thought you guys were trying to be shady and only surprise me and not include her, so I took it offensively and obviously didn't show up," Rob says. "I wanted it to be about both of should be about the woman that's birthing the baby just as's both of us."

Rob continues, "I just took it the wrong way, it's my bad and it's all good and I love you guys and thank you for this."

He then says, "Of course I feel terrible that the shower that they planned for me got ruined. Sometimes when Chyna and I aren't doing so well I let it get the best of me and I need to work on that. I'm super excited to be having this baby, it's something that I've always wanted."

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