ILC Bonus Spoiled

It's no secret that Coco spoils her dogs. Spartacus and Maximus might be the two most comfortable bulldogs in America, what with their puppy massages and fancy day care, complete with flat screen TVs.

So when Ice-T and Coco went to visit the Andrettis for dinner, no one was very surprised when Coco started feeding the bulldogs from the dinner table. To be fair, we think we would spoil them too. Just look at those faces!

The dinner was part of Ice's big plan to convince Little Ice, who had just been arrested, to shape up and stay out of trouble. You can read all about how that plan went, and why a nice dinner was part of Little Ice's punishment, in our full recap of the episode.

Of course, a dinner with Ice and Coco wouldn't be complete without Ice telling a good joke. Well, we'll leave the "good" label up to you...check out the bonus clip below for Ice's latest zinger and decide for yourself.

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