Tyler Henry can do no wrong!

The readings just keep getting better and better each week on Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. For the first time this season, he was able to channel a celebrity client's deceased dog. Yeah, you'll need some tissues for this! 

Lucy Hale was up first and the Pretty Little Liars actress got a message from someone who meant the world to her. 

"One thing I'm hoping for is to just communicate with someone who is very, very important to me. This person was just like everything to me," she shared before her reading. "I'm in a place in my career where it's very exciting, it's a new chapter. So it would be nice to know they're aware of my success. To be able to have some sort of communication, I would be set."

Tyler wasted no time bringing through exactly who she was hoping for. "That ring originally belonged to my grandmother, her name was Karen, which is actually my first name. I'm named after her but I've always gone by Lucy," she shared with him. "She was my grandmother on my dad's side. She always told me growing up, 'When I pass away this is going to be your ring.'"

Lucy Hale, Tyler Henry, Hollywood Medium 306


"You kept bringing up two rings. She would always wear one on one hand and one on the other, and she would always bring up to my sister this will be yours and this will be yours." Lucy definitely got the validation she was looking for that her grandmother was proud of her. 

Tyler also got to visit with famous YouTuber Tyler Oakley, who he was already a major fan of. But the reading wasn't necessarily for the Internet sensation himself, but someone special in his life. "The interesting thing was when I came here today, I felt like any messages that I had to deliver weren't just going to be for the client, but for the client's mother," he revealed to him. 

Luckily, Oakley had brought his mom with him to his reading and she was able to get the info first hand. "This is my dad and you talked about him being in the service, and then his relationship with me," she says before showing him a picture of her with her dad. "That's me looking at my dad. That's how much I wanted that. So, for you to talk about it, it's pretty, pretty special." 

Selma Blair, Hollywood Medium 306


Last but not least, Tyler sat down with Cruel Intentions star Selma Blair and had his most surprising reading yet! "They're showing me a symbol for biding time. When that comes through they're usually is an indicator of acknowledging when they pass they're meant to pass," he shared. "It's almost like a saying like I was on borrowed time."

Turns out he was channeling her deceased beloved dog Wink! "The year before, she had like pancreatic shutdown and they thought she was gonna die," Selma revealed. "And then she just bounced back. One day I woke up and I was like, ‘She's gonna go,' but she looked fine, and then she died two days later."

That is so sweet! "It's probably the strongest dog connection I've gotten out of 150 readings," Tyler shared with her. "It's a close connection." 

Watch the video above for this week's full recap! 

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