Making peace with an old friend's death was about the last thing Odette Annable expected to happen when she first sat down with Tyler Henry.

But that's nonetheless how the Supergirl star's reading—alongside husband Dave Annable—unfolds in this tear-jerking clip from Thursday's new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. Just a few moments into the couple's session, Tyler turns to Odette with a message from someone special to her who was "too young to go" when he did.

"It's heavy, this one," says the clairvoyant, before explaining that her friend definitely recognizes that a lot went unsaid in the time leading up to his passing. "From his perspective, he feels like he didn't contact, didn't reach out, didn't basically tie the loose end there and talk to certain people. And so, people would be left wondering, 'Well, why didn't he reach out? Why didn't he reach out? Why wasn't he there? Why didn't he communicate?'"

His message makes sense to Odette, who tells Tyler she never "got a resolve" in the aftermath of her late friend Johnny's death, which she calls both "a shock" and "so tragic."

"He was a really, really special part of my life," says the actor, who affirms his death "shouldn't have happened" the way it did. "I was never able to say goodbye and I never sent a letter that I should have sent and I have incredible guilt about that," she admits, though the medium wisely assures her there's no need for that.

"In order to send a letter, you have to have someone to receive the letter. And I don't even know if he would've been ready to receive it," Tyler tells her. "So, they don't want us to hold onto that guilt. And from where he's at, he has a much clearer perspective now and I think he can see that for what it is."

"Oh, that makes me feel so much better," Odette sighs, clearly relieved. "I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me and I'm so eternally grateful because, Dave, you know, that's been on my mind for years and years and years."

Hear more of her thoughts on Johnny's message in the clip above!

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