It's all about the family.

In this exclusive interview with E! News' Sibley Scoles, Hollywood & Football stars Sabrina Britt and Asia Saffold gush about their tightknit Ramily within the Los Angeles Rams NFL team.

"It's amazing, and I feel like not every team has what we have," Sabrina explains. "It's not just like you're on a team. They become your family."

"You just moved across the country together. You're with each other all the time," she continues. "Our kids are playing together. Our guys work together. We come home, we hang out together, we have Thanksgiving together."

Asia also shares the same sentiment as her close friend.

"We lean on each other a lot for support and just everything honestly because most of us don't have family here," she says.

Get the scoop on the Ramily in the clip above!

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