CMTU, 207


Christina Milian is off the market!

On Tuesday's episode of Christina Milian Turned Up, Christina's ex works to make it up to her after they had a fight. He ends up sending her flowers and the two get back together!

Meanwhile, Dom and Richard are extremely angry at each other after their fight. So when everyone gets together at the end of the episode, Richard explodes. 

Check out the recap below to find out everything you missed on the latest Christina Milian Turned Up and see the episode's most OMG moments!

1. Dom Talks to Carmen Milian After His Fight With Richard:

After Dom and Richard's explosive fight, Dom comes home and tells Carmen Milian all about it. Dom explains what happened and tells Carmen that Richard said he doesn't take care of his family in France.

"If that was in France, I'd f--k him up," Dom says.

Watch the clip above to see Dom and Carmen's conversation!

CMTU, 207


2. Christina Bonds With WAGS Star Nicole Williams Over Their Long Distance Relationships:

Christina throws a barbeque and invites her friend WAGS star Nicole Williams.

Nicole is in a long distance relationship with Tampa Bay Buccaneers football player Larry English, so Nicole and Christina have a lot in common.

When Nicole arrives at Christina's barbeque they start talking about how they make it work with their men.

"So how's it going, you being on the road, Larry in Tampa?" Christina asks.

"Babe it's so hard," Nicole admits. "I wish they would just have a team in LA like we weren't even expecting it. But yeah it's really hard but we're dealing with it, you know?"

Christina then starts talking to Nicole about her relationship with Lil Wayne. 

"Do you guys see each other a lot?" Nicole asks.

"Um, as much as we can," Christina says. "No matter what like even when I'm with Wayne like I try to give 100 percent like, ‘This is what it would be like if we were together more.' The long distance thing works for me but at the same time I'm like OK I'm kinda ready for him to come out here."

"Honestly how do you trust him when he's away?" Nicole asks.

"Just recently we went through something and it was kinda like, it was the first time that it actually really really hurt me this time," Christina says. "It was a lie and it was with a girl, but it was really more about the lie."

Christina then goes on to say that they've been working on their relationship and that "he realized I wasn't playing around this time."

She also adds that "he wants to work it out."

CMTU, 207


3. Christina's Man Sends Her Flowers:

Christina and Lizzy Milian are at Christina's house when they hear a knock at the door. When Christina answers it, she's surprised with a huge bouquet of flowers and a note that says "just bekuz."

"Well I wanted an apology and I guess I got a token," Christina says. "I mean this is definitely an extension, what is it called? He's extended an olive branch. He's giving me a sign of hope."

CMTU, 207


4. Christina Reveals She's Back Together With Her Ex:

"I'm feeling like a new woman," Christina says. "Wayne and I are back together and so I figured it's time to get a new look from top to bottom."

What does she mean by that? Christina gets her lady parts waxed!

"Face down, ass up, it's time to get my butthole waxed," Christina says.

Christina's sister, Danielle Milian, goes with her to the appointment and actually helps wax Christina's butt!

5. Christina Helps Dom Pick Out an Engagement Ring for Lizzy:

While Lizzy's out of the house, Christina and Dom pick out an engagement ring for her. 

When Christina sees all of the engagement rings, she can't help but try them on!

Take a look at the video above to see Christina try on the engagement rings! Plus she even admits, "Sure would be nice if my man put a ring on it."

CMTU, 207


6. Christina's Pop Up Clothing Store Isn't Ready:

Christina is opening a pop up shop for her clothing line We Are Pop Culture. She wants to show off the store, but when she comes to visit the shop, it's still under construction.

"I thought we were supposed to be done today?" Christina says.

"It couldn't happen because of the floors," Christina's business partner Mykel tells her.

"Which I can't even see right now," Christina says.

"You can't see those and the stairs and the people that wanted to hang the pictures, they were gonna come yesterday and hang the mirrors and the sofa, but it wasn't able to happen because the floor and they don't work on Saturdays," Mykel explains.

"We're not ready," Christina says. "I wish that Mykel would've been a little bit honest with me and been a little bit more realistic."

Mykel then tells Christina they're probably "a week out" from being done.

"I thought the store would be finished today which would allow me to start scheduling for the grand opening," Christina says. "Meanwhile every day that we're not open is another day we're not selling clothes."

CMTU, 207


7. One Family Meal Leads to a Huge Argument:

Danielle decides to cook a family meal so that everyone can get together and try to get along. But the plan doesn't work and an argument erupts between all of the family members.

It all starts when Richard arrives at Christina's house. The tension between Dom and Richard is very high, so when they're put in the same room it's very awkward.

When Christina tries to say hi to Richard, he doesn't respond and you can tell he's pissed.

"I get the fact that Richard's not getting along with Dom and Lizzy," Christina says. "But you walk into my house and you don't even say hi to me after I've thrown out a ‘Hello' and you completely ignore me? That's just very rude."

The drama escalates when Richard sees Dom talking to his daughter.

"Get my daughter away from him," Richard says.

Richard then comes and picks up his daughter and tells Danielle, "Get my daughter away from him please."

"Richard I'm not gonna play with you right now," Danielle says.

"I don't care," Richard says. "I will fire it up. Behave yourself, I will fire it up."

"You better stop or you can go," Danielle says. "And I talked to you about this."

The two start bickering and it escalates into a huge fight between everyone when Richard calls Lizzy a "bitch" and then a "c--t."

The episode ends with Danielle and Richard leaving in order to avoid more fighting.

Watch an all-new episode of Christina Milian Turned Up Tuesday at 10 p.m., only on E!

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