Christina Milian would like it if her man put a ring on it!

In this clip from tonight's episode of Christina Milian Turned Up, Christina makes a surprising admission while helping Dom find an engagement ring for her sister, Lizzy Milian.

"I'm excited for him," Christina says about Dom. "I'm glad he asked me to be a part of this with him."

In celebration, Christina asks her friends from House of K'Dor to come over to the house while Lizzy's gone so that they can look at rings.

When the rings are put in front of her, Christina gets excited and tries some of them on.

"Ah I'm in love," Christina says. "These rings are absolutely gorgeous and you know a girl can dream. I just want to try them all on."

Christina goes on to say, "Sure would be nice if my man would put a ring on it. Hint, hint. Hi."

Take a look at the clip above to see Christina try on rings and to see which ring Dom picks for Lizzy!

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