CMTU, 204


It was an emotional episode of Christina Milian Turned Up!

Christina Milian broke down in tears while talking about her relationship with her ex Lil Wayne during the episode. While having a discussion with her dad, Don, Christina opened up about her relationship and she couldn't stop her tears from flowing.

Also on Tuesday's episode, Lizzy Milian and Danielle Milian got into a heated argument after Danielle went behind her back and met with Lizzy's boyfriend Dom.

What else happened on the episode?

Find out in the Christina Milian Turned Up episode recap below!

CMTU, 204


1. Christina's Girl Group Ceraadi Storms Out of Recording Session:

At the end of the last episode of CMTU, Christina brought her girl group Ceraadi to a recording studio to record music with producers Silent Killers. But, when tensions started running high, Ceraadi's mom and manager Sandra got into a fight with Ocean, one of the producers. On this week's episode we saw the conclusion of the fight.

The fight was so heated, Christina and the other producers had to step in and calm everyone down.

"I did not come and bring everyone together for this to be really awkward," Christina says. "I want to make a song. I came to make a song, I came to enjoy making a song with my artist and I came to make it with my favorite producers."

When asked if they want to record the song, the group and their mom decide to leave.

2. Lizzy's Boyfriend Meets Her Dad:

Lizzy and her boyfriend Dom took their relationship to another level on this episode of CMTU. During Danielle daughter Naomi's birthday party, Dom and Don, Lizzy's dad, meet for the first time. Watch what happened during their first meeting in the video above!

3. Christina Breaks Down in Tears:

After Don meets Dom, he discusses what he thinks about Lizzy's boyfriend with Danielle and Christina. The conversation then leads to Christina's romantic life.

Don says, "We have two girls..."

Christina cuts in and says, "Two girls taken and one... achin'."

She then goes on to say that she "doesn't know" what she wants from her ex and explains that there have been "emotional ups and downs." She also adds that she's "confused."

When Christina starts to cry her dad asks, "What's going on?"

Christina tells him that she recently split with her boyfriend.

"We kind of just broke up recently," Christina says. "It's crazy because we were just with each other and we were really happy and then I found out something he had lied to me about. This was something that was like he really got caught."

When discussing what they should do, Don tells Christina to "be true to your heart."

He adds, "Don't give up on something easy, but don't be a fool either."

CMTU, 204


4. Dom and Danielle Meet to Discuss Lizzy:

Dom has to go back to France for his son's birthday and he's feeling a bit uneasy about leaving Lizzy. So he and Danielle meet up to discuss what Dom should do.

"I need to talk to Danielle about how to handle Lizzy," Dom says. "Because I feel like Lizzy she's freaking out because I have to go back to France and I really need help from Danielle to give me some advice to calm Lizzy."

During their lunch meeting, Danielle and Dom talk about his relationship with Lizzy and Danielle tells him she doesn't think she's ready to take the next step with him.

"When Lizzy talks she talks like she's ready for family and she's ready for the next big step and I don't think she is," Danielle says. "I think she needs time."

CMTU, 204


5. Ceraadi & Silent Killers Agree to Work Together Again:

After their explosive studio argument, Christina meets with Silent Killers and Ceraadi separately.

"I think that the song 'Popular' could be an instant hit if Ceraadi actually recorded it," Christina says. "But I really need Silent Killers and Ceraadi to put their differences aside so that we can make some hits together. They're the perfect match, I just have to convince them of that."

Christina does just that, and both parties agree to give it another try.

CMTU, 204


6. Dom Tells Lizzy About His Meeting With Danielle:

After his meeting with Danielle, Dom is pissed. He tells Lizzy about his meeting with Danielle and explains what she told him about her dating history.

"This trip to France gonna make me, like, think a lot," Dom says.

"Honestly if it's something that you need to figure out, if you think I'm some kind of heartbreak kid, that's great for you," Lizzy tells Dom and storms off.

The two end up having a talk later and they make up.

"At the end of the day, I love her and I don't care about her past," Dom says.

7. Lizzy Confronts Danielle:

After hearing about Danielle's conversation with Dom, Lizzy decides to confront her sister. But, when Lizzy tries to discuss her secret meeting with Dom, Danielle doesn't think she did anything wrong. Watch what happens in the video above!

CMTU, 204


8. Danielle and Lizzy Make Up:

After their argument, Danielle comes over to Christina's house to get ready for the Latino Media Awards.

Danielle explains she didn't intentionally do anything to hurt Lizzy.

"I'm not trying to break you guys up at all," Danielle says. "I want you guys to be together and be happy. I want to make sure that he doesn't fall into the same cycle that all the other guys did."

Danielle also explains that she should've told Lizzy about their meeting.

Lizzy then makes her say, "My darling sister, I'm sorry if I disrupted your relationship in any way by anything that I said."

The girls then get ready and head off to the Latino Media Awards together with their mom Carmen Milian.

Watch an all-new episode of Christina Milian Turned Up next Tuesday at 10 p.m., only on E!

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