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Since I moved into a new home for the summer, I can't seem to shake my friends...or any of the people that think they are my friends. It's probably my fault for announcing on the show that I have a pool, a yard and a spare bedroom for people to pass out in. It's now officially getting out of control, and I have people flying in from other states to take part in what I dubbed my "summer of fun." The two lesbians from Dallas aren't ones to pass up the opportunity to see Jenny McCarthy in a bikini, so they are headed to L.A. to sleep in my guest bedroom and invite Jenny to play a three-person game of chicken in the pool. My point is...I'm exhausted. I have guests, relatives and borderline homeless people coming over to my house and I need to focus on how to feed them all. Yes, my brother is a chef, but he's too busy taking lessons in the yard from my live-in Pilates instructor to whip up a decent meal. I won't have time to blog for the next couple of weeks. If you want to check in on me, I'll be on Twitter. So will Chunk, but just a head's up...He's a real asshole.

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