Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz told British Vogue her "secret" to looking "youthful and beautiful" these past few months. I guess that means they didn't think she looked that way before, which is kind of rude. Diaz said she stays hot with "...exercise, healthy diet, lots of water...lots of sex." Oh no she didn't! She basically found a supersecretive and crafty way of saying that she and A-Rod pork on a regular basis. Vogue figured they were on a roll and thought they'd see what other information they could pull out of her. They asked her if she was in love. Cameron said, "Yes I am. I'm in love with life." I hate it when people say they are in love with life. It's so stupid. Nobody is in love with "life." You may have a good run of a day or two, but one day you wake up at 11 a.m. in the backseat of an El Camino with a ball gag in your mouth and you're like: "Great. 11 a.m. McDonald's is no longer serving breakfast." 

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