Kristen Stewart

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Forever miserable- and exhausted-looking Kristen Stewart talked to U.K. Elle magazine about how she feels regarding the paparazzi and fame. She said that her persona is made up of what people see and say about her, and that when she says "something stupid" in a moment, that's her forever. Unfortunately, she always says something stupid, but at least Megan Fox has her vampire back and is always there to out-dumb her in interviews. Stewart also said that when she sees the photos of her taken by the paparazzi, she feels like she's "looking at someone being raped...I never expected this would be my life." Then she got into makeup and wardrobe for her photo spread and cover shoot for Elle. I understand the paparazzi can be awful, but let's not compare it to rape. That's a big eff you to rapists.

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