The mascot for the Kansas City Royals has been accused of poking a fan's eye out with a "steaming hot weiner."  That's baseball for "hot dog."  I should know, I was just at the World Series in Miami and lost 75 grand on the first basket. 

Anyway, "Slugerrr the Lion" apparently climbed on top of the dugout and started shooting hot dogs into the stands from an air gun.  At some point he decided to ditch the air gun and fire them by hand.  His aim was not great, and one of the hot dogs hit an innocent fan in the eye, ultimately leaving him with a detached retina and cataracts. 

The Royals' franchise is now being sued for failing to "adequately train its agents…to throw hot dogs into the stands…"

This is ridiculous.  Everybody knows there is more than one way to throw a hot dog.  Especially down a hallway.  Just ask the guy that dressed up as Tony the Tiger at my 8th grade birthday party, who by the way still owes me an apology.

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